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Android FrameLayout Example

FrameLayout represents a simple layout for the user interface of Android applications. It is usually used for displaying single Views at a specific area on the screen or overlapping ...

Android Accelerometer Example

The Android platform provides several sensors that let you monitor the motion of a device. Some of these sensors are hardware-based and some are software-based. The Android platform ...

Android Fragment Tabs Example

Hello people! As title clarifies, today we ‘re gonna see how to implement a Tab Layout using Fragments. Regarding the previous versions of Android, a Tab Layout could be implemented ...

Android Login Example

Hi there! Today we ‘re gonna see another easy Android example, regarding a login screen. What we are going to implement in this example, is a simple login screen, with username ...

Android VideoView Example

When we want to create an Android application that has an Android Activity inside of which we are planning to play a video file, we should consider in the first place Android VideoView ...

Android SeekBar Example

Hi there! As I promised, from now on, I’m getting into writing some Android examples! Today’s example will be what we call “to know us better”; simple ‘n ...

Android SlidingDrawer Example

SlidingDrawer represents a widget, where we can use in our Android applications. SlidingDrawer has the ability to hide and/or appear content when the user drags a handle. More specifically, ...

Android EditText Example

Android system supports EditText, which is a subclass of TextView supplied with text editing operations. We often use EditText in our Android applications in order to provide an input ...

Android TextView Example

Android system provides us TextView, from where we can display text into the screen. Although it contains text editing operations, the basic class does not allow editing, so EditText ...

Android SoundPool Example

When we want to create an Android application that has an Android Activity inside of which we are planning to play a sound sample, we should consider in the first place Android SoundPool ...
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