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Android Custom Components Example

Although Android provides us many built-in components, such as Button, TextView etc, it also offers us the opportunity to create our own custom widgets in order to adjust them to our ...

Android Styles and Themes Example

Android gives us the opportunity to specify the format and the design of View components or screens of our app, by declaring some characteristics such as color, margin, text size etc. ...

Android Event Handling Example

Events represents a response to user’s interaction with input controls, such as press of a button or touch of the screen. Android framework places each occurring Event into a ...

Android User Interface Controls Example

Input Controls are the View components in the user interface that the user can interact with. You can add as many as you want in your application, by declaring the appropriate XML elements ...

Android User Inteface Layout Example

Android Layout is a user interface for an Activity or a widget in an application, that handles the appearance of the UI components on the screen. You can specify Layouts with two ways:Declare ...

Publish Android Application Example

After the implementation of an Android application, the last step is to publish your app in order to be available to the users. You can sell your app or release it for free via an Android ...

Android Bluetooth Example

If we want to exchange data between different devices through our application, Bluetooth is a way for wirelessly connection between devices that support Bluetooth. Android system provides ...

Android Audio Capture Example

Android devices are equipped with hardware input devices such as microphone, camera etc, from which we can capture audio or video in our applications. The most common class that is ...

Android Auto Complete Example

Sometimes we want from our application, to provide suggestions to the user, when he/she types in an editable text field. We can do that via AutoCompleteTextView, that gives suggestions ...

Android Audio Manager Example

Android system provides us control access to our ringer profile. We can include in our applications volume and ringer mode control by using AudioManager class. In this example, we will ...
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