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Atlassian Confluence Job Config Module Example

We are going to learn to create a simple Job Config Module for the Atlassian Confluence Server in this article. This Confluence Plugin Module Type is available in version 5.10 or later. The most common use of the Job Config Module is when we want our application to run scheduled and repeatable tasks. Let us begin. 1. Requirements Atlassian SDK ...

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How to Use the Atlassian Cache API

Nowadays, people want fast service. If your web page takes a long time to load, chances are the user will move to another page. To help us speed things up, we will use the Atlassian Cache API. The Atlassian Cache API stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster. In this example, the data stored ...

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How to Add Licensing Support to Your Confluence Add-on

In this example we will cover how to add licensing support to your Confluence add-on in this article. A developer needs to make some money in order to survive in this ever changing world. One of the ways we make a living is by licensing our software product. So let’s get to it and make some bread. 1. Requirements Atlassian ...

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How to Unit Test Your Confluence Add-on

In this article we will cover how to unit test your Confluence add-on. Agile testing relies primarily on unit tests. This kind of testing is designed to prevent bugs. It is efficient and cheap because it can be run several times in a day. Other than being able to pinpoint bugs, frequent changes are safe. Unit testing prevents fixed bugs ...

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Setting Up Your System for Atlassian JIRA Add-on Development

Majority of programmers start with a “Hello World” tutorial when trying to learn something new. Fernando was new to Atlassian JIRA Add-on Development and he wanted to learn about making an Atlassian JIRA Add-on. There is no better place to start than at the Atlassian Developers website. Like everybody else, he started with the Atlassian Hello World tutorial. 1. Requirements ...

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How to Add Active Objects to Your Confluence Add-on

In this article you are going to add Active Objects to you Confluence Add-on. Active Objects is the ORM layer of Atlassian. This will enable your plug-in to persist data. 1. Requirement We will require the following: Atlassian SDK Mars Eclipse Have read and tried out How to Add a Servlet Module to Your Confluence Add-on You will build upon ...

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How to Add a Servlet Module to Your Confluence Add-on

This article will show you how to add a Servlet Module to your Confluence add-on. This article builds upon the previous article “How to Add a Space Admin Screen to Your Confluence Add-on”. Make sure you have read it and tried the example because this tutorial will add code to it. Are you ready? 1. Requirements You will require the ...

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How to Add a Space Admin Screen to Your Confluence Add-on

Have you read my past articles on Atlassian Confluence Add-on Development? Yes? Cool! Now that you have created an add-on, you might want to add a Space Admin Screen to your Confluence Add-on to add some configuration or behavior to it. Read on and together we will add a Space Admin Screen to your Confluence Add-on. 1. Gather the Tools ...

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How to Intercept Confluence Content Before it’s Rendered

Daniel was a bored Atlassian Confluence Administrator. So he hatched up a prank on April fool’s day. He was going to intercept Confluence content before it’s rendered. He was going to intercept all Loremipsum macros and make it an unknown macro. Here’s how he did it. 1. Tools Daniel used the following tools: Atlassian SDK Mars Eclipse 2. Create the ...

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How to Build a Dynamic Content Macro for Atlassian Confluence Connect

Dennis arrived at Null Pointer Corporation’s brand new headquarters in Singarich City.  He was met by Winfred, the lead developer at Null Pointer Corporation.  “Hi, are you Dennis, our Confluence plug-in trainer? Are you going to teach us about building a Dynamic Content Macro?” Winfred asked as they shook hands.  “Yes I am.  Nice to meet you Winfred.” said Dennis ...

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