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Android Activity Transition Example

The transitions between different Android Activites consist of animations that are used when we enter and exit a specific Activity. In this example, we are going to define simple transition animations in XML resource files and use them as simple transitions between the Android Activities of our example. All we have to do is to override the Activity.overridePendingTransition(). Let’s take ...

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Android Start Service on Boot Example

In the mobile device world, many times, we may need to make an application that has to do some tasks in the background, without the users to have to open their application. Some easy examples are the background Location tracking, or an alarm application, or the applications that want to receive push events from a server. This can be done ...

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Android TimerTask Example

In this example, we are going to see, how a java.util method, can help us deal with timer recurring tasks that are scheduled with either a fixed period or a fixed rate on Android. We will use the abstract class TimerTask. With the default fixed-period execution, each successive run of a task is scheduled relative to the start time of ...

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Launching new activities with intents

In Android you will frequently come up will a need to launch a new Activity from inside your own Application. This is important when you want your Application to have multiple Activities. It is also very useful when you want to use an existing Activity in your system. New Activities are usually launched using Intents.           ...

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Main Activity UI example

One of the most basic steps you have to take when developing an Android Application is the design and the specifications of the main Activity (and any activity) of your App. Android API gives all the basic tools to make that action fairly easy. The basic layout of an Activity is described in a Layout XML file. In this XML ...

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