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Java Servlet XAMPP Tutorial

In this article we will briefly discuss what Xampp (Apache + MariaDB + PHP + Perl) (pronounced “shamp”) is and how to “run” a Java Servlet application from it using linux. I use the word run in the loosest possible sense as the Servlet application will actually be driven from inside Tomcat which will be proxied to from Xampp or ...

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Java Servlet Bean Example

Servlets are modules of the Java code that run in a server application to answer the client requests. In this tutorial, we will explain how to handle the JavaBean in a Servlet. 1. Introduction Servlet is a Java program which exists and executes in the J2EE servers and is used to receive the HTTP protocol request, process it and send ...

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Java Swing Drag and Drop Example

This example will help us to know about how to enable drag feature for different components and how to customize drag and drop feature for custom flavors. 1. Introduction In case we wish to transfer data from one UI component (Where applicable) to another, one way to carry it out is cut+ paste or copy+ paste. In this case data ...

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Spring Integration Kafka Tutorial

1. Introduction Apache Kafka started as an internal project at LinkedIn to solve the problem of scaling up the enterprise architecture from services talking to each other with strong typing contracts to an asynchronous message-based architecture. Both message persistence and high throughput were the goals of their new system. In addition, messages were required to be acknowledged in order and ...

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Java Servlet Hidden Field Example

A hidden form field is a technique used to store the session information for a particular client and is one of an important Session Tracking Technique. In this tutorial, we will explain and show you how to handle the hidden fields in a Servlet. 1. Introduction Session Tracking is a technique to maintain the requests of the same user for a ...

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Java Servlet onclick Example

Servlets are modules of the Java code that run in a server application to answer the client requests. They are not tied to a specific client-server protocol but are most commonly used with HTTP. The word “Servlet” is often used in the meaning of “HTTP Servlet“. In this tutorial, we will explain and show you how to call a Servlet ...

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Apache ActiveMQ Load Balancing Example

1. Introduction Apache ActiveMQ (AMQ) is a message broker which transfers the message from the sender to the receiver. Load Balancing is the process of distributing data across services for better performance. In this example, we will demonstrate how to build a load-balanced AMQ client application. 2. The Component Diagram In this example, we will demonstrate two forms of load balancing outlined in the diagram: ...

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Java Servlet Sync Context Example

Async Servlet was introduced in Servlet 3.0. It is a great way to deal with the thread starvation problem with the long-running threads. In this tutorial, we will understand what Async Servlet is. 1. Introduction Let’s say we have a Servlet that takes a lot of time to process, something like below. protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, ...

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Java Servlet AsyncListener Example

Async Servlet was introduced in Servlet 3.0. In this section, you will learn about registering AsyncListener with the recently created AsyncContext with an example. The AsyncListener will be notified when an asynchronous event occurs. 1. Introduction AsyncEvent contains the details of the event occurred by the Asynchronous processes. These events include the successful completion of the asynchronous cycle, times out, ...

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Java Servlet SendRedirect Example

Communication between the Servlets is an important task to the programmer. sendRedirect() can be used to communicate between two servlets present in the different servers. The output will be the same as the Request Dispatcher Forward example but the URL of the page will be changed to the redirected page. In this tutorial, we will see how the sendRedirect() method ...

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