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OpenAPI implementation through Swagger

In this article we will learn about OpenAPI specification and how swagger implements it. 1. Introduction The OpenAPI specification defines the standard of describing HTTP API for any project. This is programming-language agnostic. This helps humans and computers to know about the System/API without the need to look into the code. If the specification is properly implemented it helps a ...

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Java Compiler Example

In this article, we’re going to see how the Java compiler works. Also, we’ll use an example to understand the compiler steps from the language to bytecode. 1. Introduction In computation, the compilation is a process of converting the source code into machine language (bytecode). To clarify, a compiler will take our source code written in natural human language and ...

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Create a Web App with Python Flask and PostgreSQL

Hello in this tutorial, I’ll should you how to create RESTful web services in python by using the Flask framework and PostgreSQL. Flask is a micro-framework as it does not require any particular tools or libraries. It has no database layer, form validations, or any other third-party library that provides common functions. 1. Introduction REST stands for Representational state transfer ...

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Security Architecture with Spring

1. Introduction This is an in-depth article related to Spring Security Architecture. Spring Framework is used for developing stand-alone and production-ready applications. Spring Framework features are Spring MVC, JPA, Spring Boot, Micro Containers, and Messaging. It is an open-source software framework. Developers use it for creating web applications and services using the Java technology stack. In the spring framework, security ...

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SQL Alias Example

This article illustrates the use of SQL Alias through examples. The code was prepared with MySql 5.7 syntax, most notable for its use of backticks (`) for identifier quoting, but should be easily adaptable to other SQL dialects as well. 1. What is an alias? An alias is a programmer-assigned name for a column, table, or view in an SQL ...

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How to Download Python

Hello in this tutorial, we will explain how to download Python on Windows operating system. 1. Introduction Python is the most popular high-level language used for flexible server-side programming. To start with python programming you will need to install python. 1.1 Setting up Python You can download the Python installer from this link. Select the most recent active release or ...

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Java 8 API Tutorial

In this article, we are going to explain the Java 8 API through examples. 1. Introduction Java 8 was released on March 18, 2014 with several enhancements. In this example, I will demonstrate the following API enhancements: Support Functional programming with Lambda Expression, Functional Interface, and Stream APINew Java Date APIInterface’s Default Method 2. Technologies Used The example code in ...

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Java Write String to a File

1. Intruduction In this tutorial, we will see different ways that Java offers to write a String into a file. We’ll make use of BufferedWriter, PrintWriter, FileOutputStream, DataOutputStream, FileChannel, and Temporary File, and the advantages that each one gives us. 2. BufferedWriter Example In this example, we will use the BufferedWriter class. The BufferedWriter class can be used to write a String ...

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Python JSON Example

Hello in this tutorial, we will understand how to parse, read, and write JSON in python programming. 1. Introduction JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation and is a popular format to represent structured data. It is the most popular exchange of data format between the application running on the server and the client. In python, JSON exists as a string ...

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Introduction to Spring Webflux

Welcome, in this tutorial, we will see how to create a simple spring boot reactive programming application with webflux. 1. Introduction Before going further in this tutorial, let us understanding webflux and reactive programming. 1.1 Webflux Webflux is the reactive-web framework in spring and was added as a part of the 5.0 release It offers asynchronous, non-blocking, and event-driven approach ...

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