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Send SMS – Twilio via Nodejs

Hello. In this tutorial, we will create a simple nodejs application for sending SMS with Twilio. 1. Introduction Sending SMS these days is handy as it is useful across various business use cases. For sending SMS via this nodejs application I will be using Twilio under a free tier account which offers limited support but should be good for our ...

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otp authentication node js

Hello. In this tutorial, we will create a simple node js application and implement an otp authentication login mechanism. Once the otp will be verified an access token will be generated that can be further used to access the secure api’s. 1. Introduction Authentication and authorization are the key features of any application. Authentication provides access while authorization specifies what ...

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Deploy Nodejs application to Kubernetes

Hello. In this tutorial, we will create a simple nodejs application and deploy it on the Kubernetes cluster running on Docker. 1. Introduction In the present world, Docker is an important term – Often used in CI/CD platform that packages and runs the application with its dependencies inside a container Is a standard for Linux Containers A Container is a ...

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Google authentication Nodejs and Passport

Hello. In this tutorial, we will understand and implement the google sign-in integration with the nodejs application using passport and passport-google-oauth2 modules. 1. Introduction Passport.js is an authentication middleware designed for Nodejs. passport-local uses the passport strategy for authenticating with a username and password. The module helps to authenticate using a username and password in the nodejs applications. If you ...

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Nodejs Nodemailer example

Hello. In this tutorial, we will understand the nodemailer module in a simple nodejs application. We will set up a fake smtp server (e.g. smtp4dev) for localhost development and understand the package implementation. smtp4dev is an open-source service that emulates an smtp email server for email testing and debugging purposes. 1. Introduction Nodemailer is an npm module used for sending ...

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Nodejs and graphql

Hello readers. In this tutorial, we will implement GraphQL with nodejs and focus on creating a hello world application. 1. Introduction GraphQL is an API syntax that defines how to fetch data from one or more databases. It was developed by Facebook to optimize the RESTful API calls. It is a data query and manipulation language for API’s. It is ...

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