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SOA vs Microservices: What’s the Difference?

In this article, we will see a comparison between SOA vs Microservices and their basic differences. 1. Introduction A service is a single software unit that performs business tasks. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a software architecture where distinct components of an application provide services to other components via a communications protocol over the network. SOA composes a complex application by ...

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SQL Join Tutorial

In this article, we will discuss JOINs in SQL (Structured Query Language), various types of JOINs, and their syntax. We will also run SELECT queries using different types of JOINs on data in sample tables and view the result sets. 1. Introduction In real-world applications, data are stored in RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) by removing redundancy and assigning primary ...

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How to sort a Dictionary by value in Python

Hello in this tutorial, we will see how to sort a dictionary by value in python programming. 1. Introduction To perform sorting a dictionary by the value we will use the sorted(….) function. The function returns a sorted list of the specified object. Method syntax sorted(iterable, key=key, reverse=reverse) Where: iterable attribute represents a sequence for sorting the list, dictionary, etc ...

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ctypes in Python

This article will show how to use the built-in “ctypes” module in Python to use external C language libraries. 1. Introduction As developers, we can work with a lot of programming languages during our careers. Sometimes, we need to extend external libraries from another application, like a legacy system or even a shared OS library (.dll, .so, and so on…). ...

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Microservices vs APIs: What’s The Difference?

Hello. In this tutorial, we will check Microservices vs API and their biggest differences. 1. Introduction Microservices in their real meaning is to develop a single application as a suite of independent small applications where each small application (known as microservice) runs its process and communicates with each other in the lightest way possible (such as with the help of ...

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Install Python on Windows 10

1. Overview In this article, we will see how to install Python on Windows 10. Python is one of the most widely used programming languages today. It first appeared in 1991. In this article, we take a look at how to install Python on a Windows machine. 2. What is Python? Guido van Rossum created Python as a successor to ...

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Build a REST API with Spring and Java Config

In this article we’ll see how to build a REST API using Spring Boot and Java Config. 1. Introduction Spring is a diversified framework and we can build basically any kind of application using its tools. Also, a majority of applications today use Spring Boot as the background of web services to connect and create a Server-Client solution. In the ...

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SQL Injection

This article will look at what SQL injection means and a few ways to prevent it. 1. What is SQL injection? SQL injection is a security problem in SQL. It is one of the most common hacking techniques for any database. An SQL injection happens when we try to receive user input from the user interface, such as a username. Instead ...

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How To Use Python Flask-WTForms

Hello in this tutorial, we will see how to use Flask WTForms in Python, through a simple application. 1. Introduction WTF in python is used to create an interactive form in the flask web applications and also serves as the validation library for the form. What is useful: The form elements are sent with the request object from the client ...

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