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Java POJO and Java Bean Example

1. Introduction POJO stands for a Plain Old Java Object. It’s a term coined by Martin Fowler, Rebecca Parsons, and Josh MacKenzie while preparing for a conference in September 2000. POJO is an ordinary Java object which doesn’t tie to any framework or external reference. It has no naming rule for its methods nor data members. Java Bean is a ...

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Docker Quickstart Terminal Tutorial

Welcome readers, in this tutorial, we will see what Docker is and a Quickstart for its Terminal. 1. Introduction to Docker In the present world, Docker is an important term, Often used in CI/CD platform that packages and runs the application with its dependencies inside a container Is a standard for Linux Containers A Container is a runtime that runs under ...

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Introduction to Hibernate Framework

In this article, we will make an introduction to Hibernate Framework. Hibernate was started in 2001 by Gavin King as an alternative to using EJB2-style entity beans. Its mission back then was to simply offer better persistence capabilities than offered by EJB2 by simplifying the complexities and allowing for missing features. Hibernate used its mapping files and configuration files to ...

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Java Memory Management

In this article, we talk about Java memory management and how to write optimal code to use memory allocation efficiently. 1. Java Memory Management: Introduction Any computer program we write needs basic essential resources like CPU for math & computing, and finally memory for managing the data. Memory is a limited resource and it has to manage effectively. For memory ...

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Managing Microservices in Docker Swarm

1. Introduction In this article, we will take a look at Docker Swarm based Microservices. Docker Swarm has clustering and orchestration features in the platform. 2. Microservices in Docker Swarm Docker is used as a container for packaging software. Swarm can have a group of Docker hosts in a cluster. Swarm can help as a packaging software tool to deploy ...

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Max Heap Java Example

1. Introduction A max heap binary tree is a complete binary tree in which the value of each node is less than or equal to the value of its parent, with the maximum-value element at the root. A typical representation of a Max-heap binary tree is as follows: A typical max-heap binary tree representation 1.1 Array representation of a max-heap ...

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Introduction to Jackson ObjectMapper

In this example, we will learn about the ObjectMapper class from Jackson and its capabilities to serialize POJOs(Plain Old Java Objects) into JSON strings and deserialize JSON strings back into Java objects, with some examples. 1. Where To Start? The first step to getting our hands dirty with ObjectMapper and Jackson data binding is to get the libraries and add ...

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Sorting Algorithms Java Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will look at various sorting algorithms and their corresponding implementations in Java. Table Of Contents 1. What is Sorting 2. Complexity 3. Sorting Algorithms 3.1. Bubble Sort 3.2. Selection Sort 3.3. Insertion Sort 3.4. Quick Sort 3.5. Merge Sort 3.6. Heap Sort 3.7. Counting Sort 3.8. Summary 4. Download the Source Code 1. What is Sorting ...

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Apache Solr Clustering Example

In this article, we will demonstrate an Apache Solr Clustering Example. We are going to show you how to set up and run a SolrCloud with two Solr servers and an embedded ZooKeeper instance on your local machine. Once it is up and running, we will show you how to use it to index our sample article collection and how ...

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Docker Machine with Bridged Network Adapter Example

Welcome readers! In this tutorial, we will see how the Docker Machine works with Bridged Network Adapter. We will discuss the Docker network and how to create a simple Bridge managed network. Please note, due to security reasons I have blacked out some of the IP addresses of the Docker network configuration. 1. Introduction to Docker In the present world, ...

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