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Java Iterator Design Pattern Example

1. Introduction In this article, we will discuss the Java Iterator Design Pattern in detail. Java Iterator Design Pattern is one of the most famous design pattern that is used in Java as well as .NET programming. It is being used frequently due to the need of iterators in almost every project. Iterator Design pattern focuses on exposing ways to ...

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Java OOPS Concepts Tutorial

1. Introduction Object-Oriented Programming System, also known as OOPS, is a programming paradigm where the main concept of a program is based on objects that communicate with each other. OOPS has become the most popular programming paradigm for large and complex programs. Java is one of the most widely used OOPS languages. In this post, we will take a look ...

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JBoss Wildfly Change Port Configuration Example

This is an article about JBoss Wildly Change Port Configuration. JBoss WildFly runtime manages the applications deployed on its server. It used to be called as JBoss application server. In this article, setup of WildFly Change Port Configuration is presented and discussed. 1. Introduction A JBoss WildFly instance can be deployed on the standalone server. The default port for the ...

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Spring Boot Application Properties Example

In this example, we will demonstrate how to configure a Spring Boot application using the file. 1. Introduction Spring Boot is an application development solution that will automatically configure your Spring application for you, helping you get your project up and running as quickly as possible.  It will consider the dependencies in your project and will use an opinionated ...

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Spring Boot @CrossOrigin Annotation Example

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a standard protocol that defines the interaction between a browser and a server for safely handling cross-origin HTTP requests. Simply put, a cross-origin HTTP request is a request to a specific resource, which is located at a different origin, namely a domain, protocol and port, than the one of the client performing the request. For ...

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Spring Security Remember Me Example

Welcome readers, in this tutorial, we will explore the Remember Me login feature of the spring security module. 1. Introduction Spring Boot is a module that provides rapid application development feature to the spring framework including auto-configuration, standalone-code, and production-ready code It creates applications that are packaged as jar and are directly started using embedded servlet container (such as Tomcat, ...

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Logback Custom Appender Example

This article discusses creating a custom Appender for logback, a logging framework for the Java application. 1. Introduction to Logback Logback is designed to be the successor for Log4j. It has been developed by the same development community. These are some of the advantages logback has over log4j Faster implementation – ~10x faster on some critical areasAutomatic Reloading of configuration ...

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Apache Camel Sample Application Example

1. Introduction What is Apache Camel? Even the Apache Camel site does not seem to have a succinct example of this. They do point to a Stack Overflow article which provides some insight. To me though Camel is all about mediation, enrichment and transformation.   It is a well defined API to implement common Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP). The idea ...

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Java 11 New Features Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will talk about the JDK 11 product changes. Then I will dive into several API changes with Java examples. Finally I will show the new Single-File Launcher, which executes a Java source file without going through the compile processing. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Install JDK11 3. Technologies Used 4. Change at java.lang.String 5. Change ...

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JBoss Wildfly Cluster Example

This is an article about JBoss Wildly Cluster. JBoss WildFly runtime manages the applications deployed on its server. It used to be called as JBoss application server. In this article, setup of WildFly Clustering is presented and discussed. 1.Introduction A JBoss WildFly instance can be deployed on the standalone server. The stand alone server is an independent process. Launch scripts ...

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