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Java Quartz Interview Questions

Quartz is an open source framework that specializes in scheduling, triggering, and managing job execution within a Java application. Below are some frequently asked interview questions on the topic of Java Quartz applications. 1. Introduction The sample interview questions that follow cover some quartz topics that include scheduling, triggering, execution, threading, exceptions and persistence. 1.1 What are the three key ...

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How to Unit Test Your Confluence Add-on

In this article we will cover how to unit test your Confluence add-on. Agile testing relies primarily on unit tests. This kind of testing is designed to prevent bugs. It is efficient and cheap because it can be run several times in a day. Other than being able to pinpoint bugs, frequent changes are safe. Unit testing prevents fixed bugs ...

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Eclipse IDE Git Integration Tutorial

1. Introduction The Eclipse IDE has excellent support for the Git version control system. This support is provided by the EGit project via a set of plug-ins (software component). Eclipse uses the JGit library to perform the Git commands. JGit is a library which implements the Git functionality in Java. Most Eclipse IDE distributions from already contain support for Git. In ...

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JUnit Quickcheck Example

In this example we shall show users the usage of property based testing. JUnit quickcheck example will demonstrates the way to test the methods with the help of property based testing. There are cases when you want to test your methods with some constraints and with random parameter values. We can achieve the same with manual process also, but in ...

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Spring Framework Angularjs Integration Tutorial

Spring Application Framework enables us develop RESTful services using its Web MVC subsystem, and we can consume those services via any of the client side front end UI technologies, e.g Angular, Backbone or React JS. In this example, I will explain how a CRUD like scenario can be developed using Spring MVC at the back side, and Angular JS in ...

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JUnit RunListener Example

In JUnit RunListener Example, we shall show users how they can add RunListener to the test cases. There are cases when we want to respond to the events during a test case run. Here we can extend the RunListener class and override the methods according to our implementation. The JUnit RunListener can listen to the events of the JUnit lifecycle. ...

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Setting Up Your System for Atlassian JIRA Add-on Development

Majority of programmers start with a “Hello World” tutorial when trying to learn something new. Fernando was new to Atlassian JIRA Add-on Development and he wanted to learn about making an Atlassian JIRA Add-on. There is no better place to start than at the Atlassian Developers website. Like everybody else, he started with the Atlassian Hello World tutorial. 1. Requirements ...

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Selenium Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial, we will be overviewing Selenium automation tool in detail; we will be exploring Selenium WebDriver and discussing about identifying elements on the different Browsers using methods such as XPath, ID, CSS Selector and others. Selenium has three components, Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver formally known as Selenium Remote Control (RC) and Selenium Grid. Lastly, we will be also ...

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JUnit Group Tests Example

In this example we shall show users, how they can group and run their JUnit test cases. JUnit group tests example, will try to resolve issue of running multiple group tests all together. This is not a big deal in JUnit. This can be achieved in different ways in JUnit. It’s wide API, helps developers all around the world to ...

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JUnit MultiThreaded Test Example

In this post we shall show users how to test the multi threaded java application with the help of JUnit. JUnit MultiThread example clears users mind to understand the basic usage of testing the multi threading application. Users are advised to visit the JUnit Hello World example for basic understanding of the JUnit. For testing the methods by passing value ...

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