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Git Mergetool Example

Merge Conflicts are undesirable for most of the developers for various reasons. No matter how careful and collaborative developers are, they often end up in merge conflicts. There are multiple ways to resolve merge conflicts, and each developer prefers a different way. Compared to other version control systems like SVN, CVS etc, resolving conflicts with Git is much easier. Though ...

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Apache ActiveMQ Monitoring Tutorial

Apache ActiveMQ (AMQ) is an open source messaging server written in Java which implements JMS 1.1 specifications. In this example, I will explain how to monitor an AMQ server. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Monitor ActiveMQ JVM 3. Monitor ActiveMQ Web Console 4. Monitor ActiveMQ File System 5. Monitor ActiveMQ Application 6. Java Example 6.1. Technologies used 6.2. Data ...

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Android Volley Example

1. Introduction The Android Volley library is an Android library which enables developers building application which will make requests to some sort of API Server more manageable and fast in terms of overall application performance. This library achieves this by means of two main constructs that the library makes available, namely the RequestQueue and the RequestObject. Together these two constructs make it possible to ...

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Java Servlet Exception Handling Example

When a servlet generates an error developers can handle those exceptions in various ways, let’s say a user tries a URL that does not map to a servlet the user typically gets a 404 page. With the error listing in the deployment descriptor, we can handle those exceptions. In this tutorial, we will see how to tackle these exception handling ...

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Java Servlet ServletConfig vs ServletContext Example

Servlets are modules of the Java code that run in a server application to answer the client requests. ServletContext and ServletConfig are two important interfaces of the Servlet API which is used by Java J2EE programmer during the web application development. In this tutorial, we will see how the ServletContext and ServletConfig are different from each other. 1. Introduction The ...

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Java Nio FTP Example

In this example we will demonstrate an FTP example program written in Java using some of the NIO features available to us. The example program will take the form of a command line program which accepts 2 arguments, namely the FTP location to transfer the file from and the local destination on the file system, inclusive of the file name, ...

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Java Servlet Session Management Example

We all know that HTTP is a stateless protocol i.e. all requests and responses are independent. But sometimes developers need to keep track of the client’s activity across the multiple requests. In this tutorial, we will see how to achieve the Session Management in Servlet Java programming. 1. Introduction Session tracking or Session management is an important feature of the ...

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Android Toast vs Snackbar Example

1. Introduction In Android, one can use the Android Toast or the Android Snackbar to display feedback or action messages to users of an application. The Android Toast is mainly for Platform oriented messages although the Android Snackbar could be also be used for these requirements. The added advantage of using an Android Toast instead of an Android Snackbar is ...

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Spring Integration Splitter Example

1. Introduction Spring Integration provides many components for processing messages before they reach their end point. Splitter is the component that breaks down a message into multiple messages based on specific criteria. The benefit is that after splitting, the system can apply separate business logic on each part. For example, in an order management system, separate parts of the order ...

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Apache ActiveMQ Failover Example

Apache ActiveMQ is an open source messaging server written in Java, which implements JMS 1.1 specifications. In this example, I will demonstrate how to configure a group of AMQ brokers to make the system fault-tolerant. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Apache ActiveMQ Server Installation 3. Apache ActiveMQ Server Configuration 3.1 Two Standalone ActiveMQ Brokers 3.2 Master/Slave ActiveMQ Brokers 3.3 ...

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