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JSF Event Queue Example

Hello, in this tutorial we will study about Event Queue listener in a jsf enabled application and will demonstrate the following: Validating the user’s role in current session Access Denied page in case of an error This example will show the integration and implementation of event queue listener. 1. Introduction The model that JSF implements for handling Events is based ...

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Atlassian Confluence Job Config Module Example

We are going to learn to create a simple Job Config Module for the Atlassian Confluence Server in this article. This Confluence Plugin Module Type is available in version 5.10 or later. The most common use of the Job Config Module is when we want our application to run scheduled and repeatable tasks. Let us begin. 1. Requirements Atlassian SDK ...

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Spring Integration Control Bus Example

1. Introduction Control bus is a useful Spring Integration component that accepts messages on the input channel similar to Service Activator, Adapter  or Transformer but the key difference is that the payload of the message that is received indicates  an invocable action or operation on a bean. The input channel is more of an operation channel that is basically used for ...

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JSF Httpsessionlistener Example

Hello, in this tutorial we will study about the HttpSessionListener in a jsf enabled application and will demonstrate the following: Login form Validating the login credentials in a managed bean and creating the session id based on the successful user authentication Displaying the result page and performing application logout (thereby, destroying the created session id) This example will show how ...

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JUnit BaseMatcher Example

In this tutorial, we shall show users JUnit BaseMatcher Example. It is very common to test the matches in JUnit. It provides many inbuilt matchers for our testing. We have seen in our previous tutorials how we can test our methods with the help of matchers. In JUnit Hamcrest Example we have seen how JUnit matchers works. In this tutorial ...

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Java Nio Large File Transfer Tutorial

This article is a tutorial on transferring a large file using Java Nio. It will take shape via two examples demonstrating a simple local file transfer from one location on hard disk to another and then via sockets from one remote location to another remote location. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Technologies used 3. FileChannel 4. Background 5. Program 5.1. ...

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JSF Datamodel Example

Hello, in this tutorial we will implement the datamodel component in jsf and will use bootstrap – a responsive CSS framework to demonstrate the following: Products List Retrieving data from a managed bean and using the same in a result page Ascending or Descending sorting of the products list on the result page This example will show you how to ...

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JUnit BlockJUnit4ClassRunner Example

In this tutorial we shall show users the JUnit BlockJUnit4ClassRunner Example. We will analyze and see when and why should we use the JUnit Blockjunit4classrunner. Also we will learn about the different runners that we sued in the JUnit. But in this tutorial we will have our main focus on JUnit Blockjunit4classrunner class. 1. Introduction JUnit provides different type of ...

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Jax-Ws AsyncHandler Example

In this example, we will show you how to implement an asynchronous SOAP web service and client using the AsyncHandler callback handler. 1. Introduction There are two ways to invoke a web service, synchronously and asynchronously. When invoking a web service synchronously, the client must wait for the response before resuming its work. When invoking a web service asynchronously, the ...

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