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Jetty Deploy War Example

In this example, we will see how to deploy a war file on a jetty and run the web application. In general, jetty server instance configures the deploy module. This will have web application deployer that hot deploys files. But other way to deploy a war file is through deployable descriptor XML file. 1. Environment Windows 7 SP 1 Eclipse ...

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PowerMockito Spy Example

A unit test should test a class in isolation. Side effects from other classes or the system should be eliminated if possible. Mockito lets you write beautiful tests with a clean & simple API. In this example we will learn how to mock a private method. PowerMockito extends Mockito functionality with several new features such as mocking static and private ...

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Vaadin Layouts Tutorial

When you need an Application to work with different screen sizes, or you don’t know the screen size of your application, UI frameworks provide layout managers facilities to help position components on the screen. The layout manager has the ability to automatic determine the position and size of the widgets on the screen. In most cases the layout manager is ...

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MongoDB Search Example

This is an example of how to query data stored in MongoDB collections. All the examples discussed in this article were developed and executed using MongoDB 3.0.3. To check the version of MongoDB you’re using, simply type version() from the Mongo shell. The following table gives an overview of the entire article: Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. find() and ...

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Android Multitouch Example

A multi-touch gesture is when multiple pointers (fingers) touch the screen at the same time. The basic class for support touch and multitouch in Android is the MotionEvent class. Motion events describe actions in a set of axis values. The actions are the states that occur when a finger is going down or up. The axis values describe the position ...

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Android Settings Example

During the development of mobile applications, a common requirement is of storing app related data to the phone. In Android we perform this task with the help of Preference APIs. We may also need settings that allow users to modify preferences in app. Thankfully Android provides a powerful framework to manage user preferences. The provided mechanism allows us to show, save and manipulate user’s ...

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How does Git work? Git Tutorial for Beginners

1. Introduction Version Control Systems are one of the software tools that help developers manage the source code over time. They keep track of the modification, compared with different versions of the source code. As the number of lines increases, it could go up to thousands and thousands lines. In real life, it could be a disaster if we make ...

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JavaFX Applications with e(fx)clipse

This is an example how to use the e(fx)clipse IDE for creating JavaFX Projects and Applications. The e(fx)clipse standard library provides some useful extensions for writing JavaFX code. The library offers, among other features, additional layout panels, using FXML, Eclipse databinding for JavaFX properties, and much more. The following instructions were written with a clean install of the Eclipse Java ...

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Scala Tutorial for Beginners

In this Tutorial article, we will see how to work with Scala Programming language, which is similar to Java but has got lot more advancements, as it was designed to overcome the pitfalls/shortcomings of Java programming language. According to Wikipedia, the definition of Scala Programming language goes as follows. Scala (SKAH-lah) is a general purpose programming language. Scala has full ...

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Jetty Runner Example

In this example, we will show how to use jetty runner. Jetty runner is a concept where you run your web applications with a single jar without installing jetty. You don’t need to administer jetty distribution in this case. Jetty runner is a standalone jar which can be used to deploy multiple web applications or run web applications with different ...

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