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Cache with Spring Boot and Hazelcast

Welcome, in this tutorial, we will implement a Hazelcast Cache example in a Spring Boot app. Hazelcast is used to implement the cache in a distributed environment. This cache mechanism approach offers reliable performance and effective consistency. Hazelcast is a distributed, highly available, and scalable caching mechanism. 1. Introduction Before going further in this tutorial, we will look at the ...

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Machine Learning with Python

set python

In this article, we will explain Machine Learning and how Python supports ML algorithms. 1. Introduction Machine learning is essentially the study of algorithms that can learn on their own through experience. One of the most preferred languages for implementing machine learning is the Python programming language. In this article, we will see some of the most used machine learning ...

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Internationalization in Java

Bipartite Graph

In this article, we are going to explain Internationalization in Java. 1. What are Internationalization and Localization? Internationalization, or I18N for short, is the broad term for the techniques and processes involved in building applications that are easily adaptable to different cultural norms and/or preferences. The process of actually adapting an application to a particular set of cultural norms is ...

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Spring ActiveMQ Example

1. Introduction This is an in-depth article related to the Spring ActiveMQ. Spring Boot framework has features to build applications. Spring Boot has features related to building rest services and unit testing the application. ActiveMQ is configured using the classpath environment variable. Spring ActiveMQ uses embedded broker and ActiveMQ custom configurations in the application. properties. 2. Spring ActiveMQ 2.1 Prerequisites ...

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Python String find() method Tutorial

set python

Hello in this tutorial, we will explain the String find() method in Python programming. 1. Introduction The find() method in python programming is used to find the occurrence of a character in a given string or a substring of a string. The method is represented by the following syntax. string.find(search_char, start, end) where, search_char specifies the string to be searched start ...

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Python PostgreSQL CRUD Operations Example

set python

Hello in this tutorial, we will understand how to perform SQL – Crud operations to the PostgreSQL database via python programming. 1. Introduction To connect with PostgreSQL in python programming we have the following modules that are commonly available and known to the developer world as all these modules adhere to the Python database API specification – Psycopg2 py-PostgreSQL ocpgdb ...

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Splunk Schedules and Alerts Example

1. Introduction Splunk includes scheduled reports to run reports at a scheduled internal. Splunk alert is a saved search which can be run real-time or on a scheduled internal and can trigger one or more actions. In this example, I will demonstrate how to schedule a report and set up an alert with step-by-step instructions along with screenshots. 2. Technologies ...

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Python GUI Programming with Tkinter

set python

In this article, we’re going to see one famous GUI on Python called: Tkinter library. Also, we’ll see some widgets used to build interfaces with this framework and create an example using it. You can also check this tutorial in the following video: Python GUI Programming – video 1. Introduction Tkinter library is a Python library to develop Graphical User ...

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