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What is new in Java 14

1. Introduction In this article, we will take a look at the new features of Java 14. Java 14 release consisted of features from 16 different JDK enhancement proposals (JEPs). 2. Java 14 We look at the following features in Java 14 Switch ExpressionsHelpful Null Pointer Exception HandlingNuma (Non-Uniform Memory Access) Aware Memory AllocationJFR (JDK Flight Recorder) Event StreamingPreview FeaturesRecordsText ...

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Spring Cloud Zipkin and Sleuth Example

Welcome readers, in this tutorial, we will show how to set up Spring Cloud Zipkin and Sleuth in a Spring Boot application. 1. Introduction Before starting the tutorial, we will look at the Spring Boot introduction. Spring boot is a module that provides rapid application development feature to the spring framework including auto-configuration, standalone-code, and production-ready code It creates applications ...

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Java Graph Example

In this example, we will demonstrate a Java Graph Example. We will start by explaining the theory and concepts behind graphs, its types, graph traversal, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using a graph. We will walk through Java code that implements a Graph and models its properties and behavior. Finally, we will talk about some external libraries ...

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Java Pair Class Example

1. Introduction to Java Pair Class A Java pair class is a container a tuple of two objects. Pairs provide a convenient way of handling simple keys to value association and are particularly useful when we want to return two values from a method. A simple implementation of a Pair is available in the core Java libraries e.g. javafx.util.Pair. In Java, maps are ...

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Java Naming Conventions

In this example, we will be discussing naming code conventions for the Java Programming Language. We will talk about different identifier types and the best practices to follow while naming them in your program. 1. Introduction As a team member of a codebase of any size (small, medium, or large), it is the responsibility of the programmer or the developer ...

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Anonymous Class Java Example

In this article, we will see examples of the anonymous class in Java language, which is a very important aspect of Programming. 1. Introduction In java, it is possible to define a class within another class, such classes are known as nested classes. They enable you to logically group classes that are only used in one place, thus this increases the ...

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Java Method Signature

In this post, we are going to talk about the Java method signature, method overloading, and method overriding by examples. The JDK version we use to compile the source code in this example is OpenJDK 13 and the IDE we use is Eclipse IDE 2020-03. 1. What is a method signature in Java In Java programming language, the method signature ...

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Java Reference Types

In this article, we talk about the Java Reference Types. First of all, we interpret what is a reference and why we use it. Furthermore we analyze the reference types. Last but not least, we explain the difference between Pass by value and pass by reference. 1. Introduction A reference is a value that is used to refer to another ...

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Binary Search Java Example

A popular searching algorithm in Java is the Binary Search algorithm. In this article, I will show you all about its implementation through examples. 1. Introduction Algorithms like Searching and Sorting are the most popular algorithms in any programming language. They are the basis to understand the fundamentals of programming. Binary Search in Java is a search algorithm that finds ...

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ToCharArray Java Example

In this article, we will learn how to convert a string to a char array using the toCharArray Java method. We will explore many ways of converting a string to an array of characters in different versions of Java. 1. charAt() method ( Verbose way ) In this way, we create a char array with the exact size of a ...

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