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Java Print Array Example

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about how to print a Java array. 1. Introduction Each variable holds values, but the array variable holds multiple values of the same type. In other words, the group of similar types of data grouped under one variable is called Array. You can access array values using its index. An Array is ordered ...

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Min Heap Java Example

1. Introduction In this post, we shall discuss Heap Data Structure and its implementation in Java. Heap is a binary tree-based data structure. Now let us understand each word in this sentence in greater detail. Tree:- A tree is a hierarchy based data structure, you have a certain order in placing the elements. Binary Tree:- A binary tree has a ...

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Hibernate Show SQL Example

This is another example of the hibernate series. Here, we feature a comprehensive article about the Hibernate Show SQL. Hibernate is a feature-rich Object Relational Mapping tool. It offers very fine-tuned debugging capabilities by enabling logs at various levels. In this article, I am going to show how SQL queries can be printed in a hibernate application. 1. Hibernate Configuration ...

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Java print to console Example

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about the Java print to console Example. We will have a look at the System.console, the methods provided and its differences. 1. Java Console class The class provides methods to access the character-based console device. If the virtual machine has a console then it is represented by a unique instance of ...

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Java Packages – How to use them

 1. Introduction We look at java packages in this article. If you want to learn java, java packages topic will be a great start. We look at code samples to present how to use the java packages. 2. Java Packages Java packages help in avoiding naming collisions, access control, and separation of modules.They help in making usage of interfaces, annotations, ...

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Spring @Conditional Annotation Example

Welcome readers, in this tutorial, we will explore the @Conditional annotation of the spring framework. 1. Introduction Spring 4.0 introduced the @Conditional annotation in spring. It supports the “if-then-else ” conditional checking for bean registration. It offers a higher support level than the existing @Profile annotation in the spring framework. Developers can use the @Conditional annotation for the following reasons: ...

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Java Division Example

In this article, we will have a look at java division example to see different ways of how division works. 1. How to perform division in Java In java, / is the division operator. Depending upon the type of variables fed in the division operator, result of the division can be an integer or a value with precision. 1.1 Integer ...

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Java Escape characters list

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about Java Escape characters list. Why do we use Java Escape characters so-called Sequence character? 1. Introduction Consider an example where I want to print the following message: My favorite movie is “Avengers” Let’s try to write the code to print this string. MyFavoriteMovieExample .java public class MyFavoriteMovieExample { public static void ...

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How to download Java 64 bit

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about how to download Java 64 bit. As we all know, Java is a very popular programming language mainly because it is free and platform independence. To develop the java program, the first step is to download and install the java. This article will guide you on how to download and install ...

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How to deal with java.lang.outofmemoryerror: java heap space

In this article, we will show you how to deal with java.lang.outofmemoryerror: java heap space. Firstly, we will talk about what is java.lang.outofmemoryerror in general, and for what reason this might be caused. After that, we will show examples of how to solve this problem. 1. Introduction In every Java application/program dynamic memory binding is required, in order to acquire ...

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