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Xpath Search by id Example

In this article we will learn how to search for an element (by id) in an XML using XPath. We will make use of IDEA IntelliJ to work on this. I am using IntelliJ 14.0.2 and Java 8. 1. Introduction XPath is a W3C recommendation. XPath stands for XML Path Language. XPath uses path expressions to select nodes or node-sets ...

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Log4j Database Appenders Example

In this example, we are going to learn how to log messages from our application into database with log4j. 1. Introduction Log4J is one of the many logging frameworks available to use with Java, perhaps the most popular of all of them. With Log4J you can log general flow of the application as well as record exceptions. Few points to ...

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JUnit Test Constructor Example

In JUnit Test Constructor Example, we shall show you the process of testing the constructor of a class. It is as simple as we are testing other methods. Since the constructor is called before any other methods of the class we need to see the relevance of testing it. Constructors are used for initializing the class and then do some ...

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XPath XSLT Tutorial

In this article we will learn how to use XPath in XSLT. XPath stands for XML Path Language. It is a W3C recommendation. It uses ‘path like’ syntax to identify and navigate nodes in an XML document. 1. Introduction XPath can be used to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document. XPath contains over 200 built-in functions. There are functions for ...

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How to Add Licensing Support to Your Confluence Add-on

In this example we will cover how to add licensing support to your Confluence add-on in this article. A developer needs to make some money in order to survive in this ever changing world. One of the ways we make a living is by licensing our software product. So let’s get to it and make some bread. 1. Requirements Atlassian ...

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JUnit Testcase Example

In this example, we shall show users how to use JUnit Testcase. JUnit Testcase example will follow you to the scenarios of how we can use and test our methods with the help of the JUnit Testcase. As a regular reader, you are already familiar with the JUnit and its usage. If you are new to it you are recommend ...

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Reactive Java (RxJava) Tutorial: Introduction

Reactive Java or RxJava is an implementation and enhancement of the observer pattern. It was intended for use in event driven schemes where nesting synchronous or asynchronous callback methods becomes overly complex. The key addition that RxJava provides in addition to the observer pattern is the ability to determine when event processing is complete or an error has occurred. The ...

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Slf4j Commons Logging Example

In this example, we are going to see how SLF4J fares vis-à-vis Apache Commons Logging. 1. Introduction From time immemorial, logging has remained an integral part of programming enterprise applications and so does the logging frameworks. With Java, comes a wide variety of logging frameworks to choose from. While writing a library (to be used any application), it is desirable that ...

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Java XPath Using SAX Example

1. Introduction XPath is used to retrieve and interpret information represented in XML files using either a DOM or SAX parser. * DOM – Document Object Model – This popular class of parsers read the entire XML file and construct the DOM in memory. Since the DOM is memory resident, evaluation of the XPath expressions is faster. * SAX – ...

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Junit Test Timeout Example

In this article, we shall show you the working of JUnit timeout. JUnit provides a very good way of testing your methods against the timeout. In JUnit Test Timeout example, we will show how we can test out methods for timeouts. There are times when we want our methods to execute in a specific time. For example, we want a ...

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