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Xpath Unique/Distinct Value Example

In this article we will learn how to select a distinct value from an XML using XPath. We will use IntelliJ ans an IDE and will use Saxon API for XPATH evaluation. 1. Introduction XPath is a W3C recommendation and is a major element in the XSLT standard. It can be used to navigate through elements and attributes in an ...

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How to Install MongoDB on Ubuntu

Hello, in this tutorial we will see the installation of MongoDB on Ubuntu operating system. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Prerequisites 1.2 Download Ubuntu Operating System 1.3 Download & Install VMware Workstation 1.4 Install Ubuntu on VMware Workstation 2. Installation of MongoDB on Ubuntu 2.1 Adding MongoDB Repository 2.2 Installation of MongoDB Database 2.3 Start and Stop MongoDB Service ...

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MongoDB Collection Example

Hello, in this tutorial we will see a study and understand the implementation of the collection in MongoDB. The idea is to understand how MongoDB works and deploy a highly scalable and performance-oriented database. 1. Introduction MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high volume data storage and provides high performance, high availability and automatic scaling. 1.1 What is ...

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JUnit Temporary Folder Example

In this tutorial, we shall show users the usage of JUnit Temporary Folder. JUnit Temporary Folder Example is a simple example showing how we can use and why we should use this feature of the JUnit. Basic tutorials about JUnit can be found here. 1. Introduction There are some scenarios where we want to create a temporary folder and then ...

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Java 9 Functional Programming Tutorial

Hello, in this tutorial we will learn about the introduction to Functional Programming in Java 9. The idea behind this approach was to combine Haskell programming language in Java. Table Of Contents 1. Java 9 Functional Programming 1.1 All variables are final 1.2 Don’t use global variables (and forget about side effects) 1.3 Use functions as parameters 1.4 Lambda Expressions ...

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Spring Integration Chain Example

1. Introduction Spring Integration provides a way to group set of elements into one transaction and its referred as chaining. In this post we will look at MessageHandlerChain that is an implementation of MessageHandler and it can be configured as a single message endpoint while actually delegating to a chain of handlers like Filters,Transformers etc. Though the handler chain allows ...

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Java Nio Iterate Over Files in Directory

This example will demonstrate iterating over the files and directories recursively from a root directory. The example program will utilize some of the Java NIO features. Central to this example are the DirectoryStream, Filter, Path and Paths classes. 1. Introduction Before diving into the example program an understanding of the 4 abstractions listed above: 1.1 DirectoryStream The DirectoryStream interface enables us to ...

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Java 9 Immutable Collections Example

Hello, in this tutorial we will see another JDK 9 feature i.e. creating immutable collections in Java. Java 9 brings the long awaited approach for creating small unmodifiable Collection instances using a concise one line code. As per JEP 269, new convenience factory methods will be included in JDK 9. 1. Introduction Before Java 9, it was possible to create ...

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Test-Driven Development with SNMP4J

This article presents a simple example of test-driven development with SNMP4J. Unit testing goes hand in hand with TDD. Agile testing is designed to prevent bugs and relies primarily on unit tests. Comprehensive regression testing can be run several times in a day. A test suite prevents fixed bugs from coming back or finding side effects of changes. The source ...

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Java 9 Compact Strings Example

Hello, in this tutorial we will learn about the evolution of Strings in Java to Compact Strings. In any of the Java applications Strings are used extensively. I can’t remember a single application where I have not used Strings. So any optimization on String class would affect almost each and every application. 1. Introduction Since Java 9 is coming with ...

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