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Apache Solr Hello World Example

1. Introduction Apache Solr is a powerful tool for real-time enterprise search. It is a REST-API based open source tool. It’s main functionalities are indexing and searching. It’s core search functionality is built using Apache Lucene Framework and has some excellent optimization features. It is written in Java Language. Features of Apache Solr Open source tool Advanced full text search ...

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Jboss Drools Facthandle Example

Hello Readers, in this article we will take a look on what is the FactHandle and how this works inside a drools engine implementing a example of this to ilustrate this feautre. Before starting, check the requirements related to technologies and frameworks used to this example below: Maven 3.3.9 Jboss Studio 10.3 Drools Engine 7.0  JDK 1.8.0_71 1. Introduction Before ...

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Java Nio Asynchronous Channels Tutorial

This article is a tutorial on the Asynchronous Channels API which was released as part of Java 7. The API can be viewed here. The example code will demonstrate use of the core abstractions of this API and will capture the essence of using the API. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Technologies used 3. API interaction 4. AsynchronousChannel 5. ...

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Java 9 New Features Tutorial

1. Introduction In this example, I would like to show you how to get started with Java 9 and write a simple Hello World program. Here, I present a simple example to get started along with details of some of the important new features. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Getting Started 3. Running a Hello World program on Java 9 4. ...

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JSF Bootstrap Example

Hello, in the previous example we learned how to create a sample JSF-HelloWorld application. In this tutorial we will use bootstrap – a responsive CSS framework to convert a boring JSF page into an attractive looking form and a table displaying the form output. We will use the simple structure and will demonstrate the following: Student form Sending and retrieving ...

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Spring Integration Aggregator Example

1. Introduction In the last article Spring Boot Integration With Active MQ we discussed on how straightforward and efficient it was to use Spring Integration framework to build messaging applications with JMS. In this article we will be discussing about a useful Spring Integration component called Aggregator. Enterprise applications with large datasets may need to process lot of information and sending ...

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Apache Camel AMQP Example

1. Introduction In this article, we will see an example of AMQP implementation of Apache ActiveMQ using Apache Camel. 2. What is AMQP? AMQP is an open standard application layer protocol for message-oriented middleware. The most important feature is that AMQP is a wire-level protocol and is interoperable by design. Also, the AMQP standard is by design more flexible and powerful (e.g., ...

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JAX-WS Client Basic Authentication Example

1. Introduction In this example, we will demonstrate how to add basic authentication to a JAX-WS web service and client. But before we begin, let’s get some background. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 SOA 1.2 Web Services 1.3 JAX-WS 1.4 Apache CXF 1.5 WS-Security 1.6 UsernameToken Profile 1.7 Tools Used in this Example 2. JAX-WS Basic Authentication Example 2.1 ...

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Jboss Drools AgendaEventListener Example

Hello Readers, in this article we will take a look on how to use and implement an AgendaEventListener on a drools rule program. Before we start, check the requirements related to technologies and frameworks used to this example below: Maven 3.3.9 Jboss Studio 10.3 Drools Engine 7.0  JDK 1.8.0_71 1. Introduction Before continuing with the AgendaEventListener Example implementation, we need to ...

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Apache ActiveMQ “Hello World” Example

In this example, we shall show you how to make use of ActiveMQ as a message broker for exchanging messages between applications connected via a network. Before starting with our example, it is expected that we have a basic understanding of JMS concepts and Java/J2EE. JMS stands for Java Messaging Service, which is a JAVA API that helps communication between ...

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