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Spring Boot with Flyway and PostgreSQL Example

Welcome Java Code Geeks to the Spring Boot with Flyway and PostgreSQL example. In this example we will imagine ourselves as making an application for a car dealership. Well, just a very tiny fraction of it. As we all know, the software we create changes as the business need changes. PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system. It’s one of ...

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SQL ALTER Table Example

Welcome readers, in this tutorial, we will learn how to ALTER an existing table in the database. 1. Introduction SQL ALTER command is used to modify the structure of a table in the database. This command allows a developer, To add a new column or a constraint to an existing column To drop an existing column or a constraint from ...

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Spring Boot add filter Example

In this article, we will see how to configure Filter using Spring Boot. Also, we will see how to configure multiple filters. 1. What are Filters? Filter is an interface available in javax.servlet package which use to perform filtering task on request to a resource (a servlet or static content), or on the response from a resource, or both . In ...

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Java Scheduling Example

This article will feature a comprehensive Example on Java scheduling. We will look into various ways of scheduling a task in Java with relevant code examples. 1. Introduction In Computer Software, Scheduling is a paradigm of planning for an execution of a task at a certain point in time and it can be broadly classified into two types 1. One ...

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Java Set to List Example

This article is about a Java Set To List Example. Here, we introduce Set & List interfaces and demonstrate a few examples on how implementations of Set in Java can be converted to List in JDK 8. 1. Introduction Java Collection Framework – Interfaces Java Collections Framework provides data structures to store and manipulate a group of Objects. The group ...

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Int to char Java Example

This article deals with the int to char Java conversion. We will start with the basics of data types and then we will see the conversion of int to char with some examples. 1. Data types in Java Java is a strong statically typed language. This means that every variable and every expression has a type that is known at ...

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Java System.out.println() Example

Hello readers, in this tutorial we will learn the Java System.out.println() statement. 1. Introduction In Java, System.out.println() is a statement that prints the output to the console. In Java, this complete statement is divided into three parts, System is a final class in the java.lang package. This class is responsible to provide input/output streams, access to the environment variables etc ...

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How to Fix Java Error Code 1618

Most of us would have faced the Java Error Code 1618 while installing or updating Java. The issue is commonly noticed during installation of Java versions 7 and 8. The error indicates that another installation is in progress. It may be a java version or any other installation that uses Windows installer. In this article we shall see some possible ...

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Math.round Java Example

The Math.round Java – java.lang.math – library contains the static methods to perform basic numeric mathematical operations. Math.round is one such method, which returns the nearest whole number to the argument. In this article, we will dig deeper into this method. 1. What does rounding mean? Rounding is the mathematical process of making the number up or down to the ...

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Java Math Operators and Math Class Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to perform the mathematic operations via the build-in Math operators and the Java Math class. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Technologies Used 3. Maven Project 3.1 Dependency 3.2 Java Object 3.3 Java Object Has Equals Method 4. Arithmetic Operators 4.1 Addition Operator 4.2 Subtraction Operator 4.3 Increment Operator 4.4 Decrement Operator 4.5 ...

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