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Log4j ConsoleAppender Configuration Example

Any logging application intended to print the logging information to a console should use the org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender. Console Appender is a simple class designed to write the logging information to either System.out or System.err. In this example, we will try to show how to use the org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender to print the logs in the application console using the Log4j logging services. 1. ...

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JSP Expression Language Tutorial

EL means the Expression Language, which is used for accessing the data and makes it possible to easily access the application data stored in the JavaBean’s components and other objects like request, session, and application etc. The JSP expression language allows a page author to access a bean using a simple syntax such as $(expr). Table Of Contents 1. Introduction ...

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Java MongoDB Example

MongoDb is the leading NoSQL database system which has become popular due to its dynamic schema nature and the advantages over the Big Data like high performance, horizontal scalability, replication etc. Unlike the traditional database systems which provide their own Jdbc-compliant drivers, MongoDb comes with its own in-Jdbc driver called Mongo Java Driver. That means developers cannot use the standard ...

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File Upload and Database Persistence with Spring Framework

Spring Mvc framework provides an out of box support for the file upload functionality in any application. In this tutorial, we will show how to implement the file upload functionality with the Spring MVC framework and saving the file attachment in the database. To handle the file uploads capabilities in a web application, spring provides a MultipartResolver bean which is ...

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Basics of Servlets Tutorial

In this article we will cover the basics of Servlets using Java 8, in a servlet 3.1 compliant container. We will demonstrate some of the basics of servlet usage in a Http context, via a simple web project that combines numerous simple example servlets all accessible via your favorite browser or via postman. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Technologies used ...

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Java Nio Delete File Example

If developers are working on a Java Swing or a desktop application then it may be required that sometimes developers need to delete a file from the file system. This tutorial is to learn about handling the files using the Java Nio package and shows how to delete a file in Java using the Nio package. 1. Introduction Java Nio ...

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Maven Resolve Missing Artifact Error Example

In this example, we will be discussing about how to resolve “Missing Artifact” error while using Maven. Before we start with this article, it is expected that we have a basic understanding of how software development works with Java. It would also be good if we have an exposure to software build and deployment process to understand the usage and ...

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JUnit Selenium Grid Example

1. Introduction In this example, we will explore the functionality of Selenium Grid and we will understand it’s significance. We will create a Page Object and then we will access that page object from test cases using JUnit. The example will cover the gmail login where we will be invoking the url in node and hub using test cases in ...

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Java Nio Scatter/Gather Example

In Java Nio, the channel provides an important capability known as scatter/gather or vectored I/O in some circles. Scatter/gather is a simple yet powerful concept and this tutorial explains how scatter/gather can be really useful in situations where developers need to separate work with the various parts of the transmitted data. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Java Nio Scatter/Gather ...

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Java Nio Channels Example

Channels are the second major innovation of the Java Nio after buffers. In Java Nio, channels are used for the input-output transfers and this tutorial explains how the Java Nio Channels are used to open the network connections and connections to the files. 1. Introduction Java Nio was developed to allow the Java programmers implement the high-speed I/O operations without ...

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