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Introduction to Apache Wink

1. Overview In this article, we will take a look at the Apache Wink Web Service examples. Apache Wink 1.0 is a JAX-RS 1.0 compliant and it has features related to the coreJAX-RS specification. 2. Apache Wink Using Apache Wink, REST web services are built. REST is an acronym for “Representational State Transfer”. Roy Fielding was the first person to ...

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Java Optional Parameters

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about the Java Optional Parameters. When you design a method in a Java class, some parameters may be optional for its execution. 1. Java Optional Parameters You can tackle Java optional parameters in method in several different ways. We will see them in the following: 1.1 Mutability with accessors Using standard getters ...

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Topological Sort Java Example

In this article, we will discuss the Topological sort Java algorithm. We will start with graphs, some common types, and to store graphs. 1. Graph and common types A graph is a non-linear data structure consisting of a finite set of Vertices (also called nodes) connected by Edges. Fig 1. A sample Graph with vertices and edges In the above ...

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Printstream Java Example

This article is a quick introduction to the Printstream Java class available as part of Java ecosystem. 1. Introduction Stream refers to data essentially bytes at lowest level. To read and process data from a source, the data needs to be saved. Outputstream is the means to save the data to a sink. Outputstream is the superclass of all classes ...

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Apache Spark Installation Guide

In this post, we feature a comprehensive Apache Spark Installation Guide. 1. Introduction Apache Spark is an open-source cluster computing framework with in-memory data processing engine. It provides API in Java, Scala, R, and Python. Apache Spark works with HDFS and can be up to 100 times faster than Hadoop Map-Reduce. It also supports other high-level tools like Spark-SQL for ...

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What is Spring Framework ?

The Spring Framework is an open-source, lightweight application framework and Inversion of Control container for Java platform. The first version of the Spring Framework was released in 2003. The increasing popularity of the framework among Java developers kept it evolving, most recent being Spring 5. In this article, we are going to learn about Spring’s architecture, core features, different modules ...

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Apache CXF Web Service Example

In this article, we will implement an Apache CXF Web service example. Webservices can be developed using SOAP and REST. SOAP refers to Simple Object Access Protocol. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. 1. Overview Roy Fielding was the first person to come up with the REST architecture proposal. In REST, a Resource is a Uniform Resource Identifier or URI. The ...

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Liferay 7.2 MVC Portlet Development and Deployment

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about Liferay 7.2 MVC Portlet, an open source content management system that is developed in Java. It provides web content management and many inbuilt modules like login, web content, calendar, polls, users and roles management. Integration with LDAP. In Liferay, we can develop any dynamic website fastly. Liferay is also providing staging ...

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Java Text Blocks Example

In this article, we will discuss the Java Text Blocks. Text Blocks are available in multiple distributions of Java (Oracle, OpenJDK, etc) but we will cover mostly the one present in Oracle JDK. With text blocks, introduced in Oracle Java 13, it became easier for you to work with multiline string literals, without the need to escape the special characters ...

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JasperReports with Spring Boot

Welcome readers, in this tutorial, we will show how to use JasperReports with spring boot framework. 1. Introduction Spring boot is a module that provides rapid application development feature to the spring framework including auto-configuration, standalone-code, and production-ready code It creates applications that are packaged as jar and are directly started using embedded servlet container (such as Tomcat, Jetty or ...

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