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Spring Batch JobRepository Example


In this article we will discuss the concept of a JobRepository used in the Spring Batch framework. It is an interface with SimpleJobRepository being its simplest implementation floated by the framework. Of course, as with most things in Spring, one can have a customized implementation of a JobRepository as well. To demonstrate the concept of a JobRepository, we will cook ...

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Drools Workflow Example


Workflow says exactly what will happen at each stage in the process. As soon as the workflow reaches a step, we will fire the actions associated with it. Ruleflow does something similar but we don’t have any control on the actual rules that may fire as they are selected by the rule engine. A business process or workflow describes the ...

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Jetty Authentication Configuration Example


Jetty provides support for standard authentication methods BASIC, DIGEST, FORM and CLIENT-CERT as well as other pluggable mechanisms like JASPI and SPNEGO. Jetty also offers a set of built-in Login Service alternatives for authenticating the user along with extension capabilities. In this example we will configure authentication in Jetty. Among the various alternatives, we have chosen BASIC authentication for this ...

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Gradle Wrapper Example


In this example, we will understand how Gradle can be used to build projects even if the developer machine doesn’t have Gradle installed, by using Gradle Wrapper. This is a best practice to unify the Gradle version used by the entire development team. 1. What’s Gradle Wrapper? Gradle Wrapper is a type batch or shell script that downloads and automatically configures ...

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JMeter Random Variable Example


In this example, we will demonstrate how to configure Random Variable in Apache JMeter. We will go about configuring a random variable and apply it to a simple test plan. Before we look at the usage of Random Variable, let’s look at the concept. 1. Introduction Apache JMeter is an open source Java based tool that enables you to perform ...

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Lucene indexwriter example


In this Example , we are going to learn about Lucene indexwriter class. Here, we go through the simple and fundamental use with the IndexWriter Class. This simple demonstration goes through the indexing, writing, searching and displaying steps for the indexing example.Thus, this post aims to demonstrate you with a simple demonstration for use of IndexWriter class from lucene. The ...

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Spring JUnit Test Example


1. Introduction Spring has it’s own testing framework for all objects created under it’s IOC container (that we all know is just the JVM instance). Spring has created it’s own paradigm of object creation and destruction and it made sense for it to have it’s own testing framework. The great thing about this is (as being Java) is it can ...

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Jetty OSGi Example


The OSGi specification defines a modularization and component model for Java applications. Jetty leverages OSGi support providing an infrastructure that enables developers to deploy Jetty and web applications inside an OSGi container. One can deploy traditional Java Web Applications or Context Handlers on Jetty within the OSGi container; in addition to this, OSGi bundles can be deployed as web applications. ...

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Drools Salience Example


In this article we will look into an example of Drools Salience Example. So what is salience and why do we need it? Salience means to be most noticeable and important. We will use salience keyword against a rule to set the priority. Before we start with the example, let’s work on our setup. If you want to more know about Drools ...

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Spring Data Gemfire Example


In the previous example, we demonstrated how we can connect to a Relational/SQL database with Spring using the Spring Data. In this example we will see how we can connect the Gemfire using the Spring Data. Gemfire is a highly scalable, low-latency, in-memory data management platform which stores data in the key-value form. The data maybe persisted onto the disk. ...

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