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GWT Drag and Drop


In this example we will learn about GWT Drag and Drop. The Google Web Toolkit is a development framework for creating Ajax-enabled web applications in Java. Drag and Drop is supported in most browsers but currently it’s not supported in Opera. Tools and technologies used in this example are Java 1.8, Eclipse Luna 4.4.2, Eclipse GWT Plugin 2.6 1. Introduction The ...

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“No JUnit Tests Found” Error Solution


1. Introduction One of the first steps that developers take in order to create Unit Test case is to ensure that their environment is ready. This means that all required libraries are setup properly and that the JUnit Test cases are correctly annotated. There might be a couple of technical hiccups like proper source folder configuration in your specific IDE, ...

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Groovy List Example


Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. List Declaration 3. Add Items 4. Remove Items 5. Item Lookup 6. Split List 7. Count 8. Apply 9. Conclusion 1. Introduction List is generally used as stack in software development world in order to push items in it for future use and to be able to fetch back in a desired way. In ...

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Solr Schema.xml Example


In this example of Solr Schema.xml Example, we will discuss about different configuration parameters in schema.xml file provided by Apache Solr. The schema.xml describes the documents we want the Solr to index. We get to define both the field types and the fields themselves. Field type definitions are powerful and include information about how Solr processes incoming field values and query values. We will ...

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How to Install Jetty Application Server


Jetty is an open-source Servlet container and Application Server which is known to be lightweight, portable, robust, flexible, extensible and providing support for various technologies like SPDY, WebSocket, OSGi, JMX, JNDI, and JAAS. Jetty is very convenient for development and also widely used in production environments. In this post, we are going to detail how to install and configure a ...

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JBoss BRMS Drools Example


In this article, we will see an example of JBoss BRMS. BRMS is a JBoss Rules based server-side solution for the management, storage, editing and deployment of rules. JBoss BRMS 6 is backed by a GIT based repository, which is very much in line with how the mainstream enterprises are storing and working to deploy their projects. If you want to ...

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JUnit Integration Test Example


1. Introduction Integration tests are test cases that test highly coupled external services. A great example of this is services in a SOA environment. In this scheme we will create services (or micro services) that are usually deployed on a different container and only exposed specific implementation of it’s own, consumed by a more sophisticated system. By rule of thumb, we ...

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Gradle War Plugin (& Tomcat) Example


In this example, we will learn how to package a WAR File and how to deploy it on Tomcat server, using Gradle War Plugin and Gradle Tomcat Plugin. 1. Introduction to Gradle War Plugin This is a basic Gradle plugin that allows packaging web applications in WAR files. This plugin adds a war task for us that we can invoke ...

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Groovy Map Example


In this tutorial, I will show you how to evaluate the power of Groovy maps. You will provided codes for each case and I assume that you have a little bit back ground about groovy. Let’s have a look at map concepts in groovy step by step together. 1. Map Declaration Maps are generally used for storing key-value pairs in programming ...

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Lucene Query Parser Example


In this Example , we are going to learn about Lucene QueryParser class. Here, we go through the simple and fundamental concepts with the QueryParser Class. In my previous post, we went through the indexing, writing, searching and displaying steps for the indexing example. Here we go through the searching step i.e. more specifically the concepts with the QueryParser Class. Thus, this ...

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