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Spring MVC Exception Handling Example

This is an example of how to handle exceptions in Spring MVC. In Spring MVC Framework exceptions may occur when a controller is invoked. These exceptions may be handled either with ...

Java BufferedReader Example

In this example we are going to talk about BufferedReader Java class. BufferedReader is a subclass of Reader class. As you might know, Reader is a utility class for reading character ...

Java string to long Example

Long class forms the primitive type long, which can represent an integer number of 32 bits (2^32). A very common procedure in Java programming is the conversion of String to Long. As ...

Message and Messages Example with JSF 2.0

Hi there, today we ‘ll see how to display special messages (i.e. for validation purpose) in JSF. In JSF, we can use the following two tags to render a message:<h:message> ...

PanelGrid Example with JSF 2.0

Good afternoon geeks, have a nice week! Today we ‘re gonna talk about table formatting in JSF. Remember yourself on your very first steps to Web Development, how easy was it to ...

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException – How to solve Class Not Found Exception

In this tutorial we will discuss about ClassNotFoundException. This exception is thrown when an application tries to load a class through its string name, but no definition for the ...

Link, CommandLink, OutputLink Example with JSF 2.0

Hi there! Continuing on the same pace as in my last example, today we ‘ll see several easy mini examples according to link features. In JSF 2.0, we can use <h:link />, <h:commandLink ...

Button and CommandButton Example with JSF 2.0

Hello Java code geeks! Today we ‘re gonna take a look at navigation handling, using buttons. Regarding JSF 2.0, both <h:button /> and <h:commandButton /> are used ...

Java FileReader Example

In this example we are going to see how to use FileReader Java class in order to read characters from a file. As you might remember from a previous FileInpustream Example it is easy ...

Java String Replace Example

In this example we will show how to modify a string by replacing either characters or sequences of characters included in the string with different ones. 1. String Replace methods in ...
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