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Java 8 Base64 Encoding Example

This article is about encoding Strings using Java. Until now, this was only possible by using external libraries, since Java update 8, encoding and decoding is part of the standard ...

Android TimerTask Example

In this example, we are going to see, how a java.util method, can help us deal with timer recurring tasks that are scheduled with either a fixed period or a fixed rate on Android. We ...

Servlet Lifecycle Example

In this example we are going to examine what is the servlet lifecycle and how it all works out in the servlet container. Basically, by “lifecycle”, we actually mean the ...

Java hashCode method Example

In this example we will discuss about hashCode() method. This is one of the methods that all objects have, since it is defined in the Object class, which is the base for all Java classes. This ...

log4j – Appender Example

In this post, we are going to discuss about log4j appenders and how you configure them using both log4j.properties and log4j.xml files. 1. What is log4j? log4j is a tool to help the ...

Android Calendarview Example

When we want to create an Android application that has an Android Activity inside of which we are planning to use a calendar, or if we want to make a simple calendar like application, ...

Java 8 Parallel Arrays Example

In this article we are going to talk about the new possibilities offered in Java 8 for execute Arrays operations in parallel. We are going to focus on the Arrays class methods. At ...

Java Sorted Map Example

In this example we shall show you how to make use of Java Sorted Map. A SortedMap is a Map that sort its entries in ascending order according to the keys’ natural ordering, ...

java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError – How to resolve Incompatible Class Change Error

In this example we will discuss about IncompatibleClassChangeError. This is thrown when an incompatible class change has occurred to some class definition. The definition of some class, ...

Android ListActivity Example

ListActivity is a subclass of Activity that includes a ListView object. Through ListActivity class you can create an activity in your Android application that can be connected to different ...
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