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Archi is a passionate Software developer who can think out of the box. She began her career as an Android developer with one start up and since then developed interest in this field. In her leisure time, she loves solving coding problems and building mobile applications. Apart from this she holds her Master degree in Computer Science

Android Web App Example

Nowadays, mobile applications are trending so much that, most of the websites have their Android application. Android made it so simple that one can convert their websites to application or can open web page in their application by using WebView. This tutorial walks you through the concept usage ant its implementation.                 Table ...

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Android Application Class Example

We all know there is an Application class in the Android API, that is usually used for maintaining global application state but how does it work? In this article, let’s explore it with the help of examples and discuss its advantages & disadvantages.                   Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Callback Methods ...

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Android Logging Example

1. Introduction Being an Android developer, all of you might have heard of logging. Well if not, this tutorial will guide you with the concept usages and its implementation. Let us start with the quick introduction of the concept about what it is and why it is used. LOG in a simple language can be defined as ”record of events”. ...

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