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Katerina Zamani

Katerina has graduated from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and she attends MSc courses in Advanced Information Systems at the same department. Currently, her main academic interests focus on web applications, mobile development, software engineering, databases and telecommunications.

Java File Filter Example

Usually there is a need of filtering files into our app and/or show only specific type of files to the users. So, we can limit the appearance of the files with the use of FilenameFilter interface. This could be useful when we have to deal with large file systems or facilitate the user to select a file. In this example ...

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Java Unzip File Example

Java provides us java.util.zip package which contains suitable classes for compressing/decompressing data from Zip and Gzip file formats. You can have a look at this package and all the utility classes that includes, at the documentation of java.util.zip package. In our example we are going to show you how to decompress a zip file and put all the included files ...

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Android ListActivity Example

ListActivity is a subclass of Activity that includes a ListView object. Through ListActivity class you can create an activity in your Android application that can be connected to different data sources (query cursor or arrays) and can be displayed as a set of list items on the screen. Actually, the use of the ListActivity class provides us a more simplified ...

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Android RadioGroup Example

RadioGroup is a widget in Android which groups RadioButtons. More specifically, the use of RadioGroup provides the capability of selecting only one RadioButton from the set. When the user chooses one RadioButton, the previous one that was selected, becomes automatically unchecked. In our example we are going to show you the use of RadioGroup in the Android apps.     ...

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Android FrameLayout Example

FrameLayout represents a simple layout for the user interface of Android applications. It is usually used for displaying single Views at a specific area on the screen or overlapping its child views. In our example we are going to show how you can add and handle FrameLayout in your application. For this tutorial, we will use the following tools in ...

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Android SlidingDrawer Example

SlidingDrawer represents a widget, where we can use in our Android applications. SlidingDrawer has the ability to hide and/or appear content when the user drags a handle. More specifically, it includes two basic views: the handle where the user can drag. the hidden content that is associated with the handle and it is shown up when the user drags the ...

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Android EditText Example

Android system supports EditText, which is a subclass of TextView supplied with text editing operations. We often use EditText in our Android applications in order to provide an input or text field, especially in forms. In this example we are going to show you some commonly used EditText xml attributes and how to embody and handle an EditText in our ...

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Android TextView Example

Android system provides us TextView, from where we can display text into the screen. Although it contains text editing operations, the basic class does not allow editing, so EditText class is provided for this reason. In this example we are going to show you some commonly used TextView attributes and how to embody and handle a TextView in our Android ...

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Java String to Date Example

Java gives us the capability to convert String to Date. This can be done through DateFormat and SimpleDateFormat classes, where the last class is a subclass of the first one. It is worth to mention that DateFormat is not thread-safe, so it is recommended to create different instances for each thread. In this example we will show you how to ...

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Java String to char Example

String to char conversion is a very simple procedure in Java. This process is useful when we want to use char format instead of strings in our applications, for instance in the arguments in command line. In this example we are going to show you how to parse a String to character(s). 1. Example of String to char conversion Create ...

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