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Guice – Google

1. Introduction Guice is a framework that makes it easier for your application to use the dependency injection (DI) pattern. Dependency injection is a design pattern wherein classes declare their dependencies as arguments instead of creating those dependencies directly. For example, a class ‘A’ needs class ‘B’ to perform its job, so class ‘A’ does not need to worry about ...

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Morphia – Java ODM for MongoDB

1. Introduction This is an in-depth article on Morphia Java ODM for MongoDB example. Mongo Database is a no SQL database. It has capabilities such as query language to retrieve from the database. It also provides operational and administrative procedures. Morphia can be used as Object Document Mapper for MongoDB. This operates on top of Java Driver for MongoDB. 2. ...

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Cobertura Tutorial

1. Introduction Every time you write code, you need to write tests to cover at least your code. For writing tests, you have to add some libraries like JUnit or other libraries in this way. In generating coverage code reports, you need to add additional dependencies like JaCoCo, Jcov, or Cobertura. For the purpose of this article, we will cover ...

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Deploy Nodejs application to Kubernetes

Hello. In this tutorial, we will create a simple nodejs application and deploy it on the Kubernetes cluster running on Docker. 1. Introduction In the present world, Docker is an important term – Often used in CI/CD platform that packages and runs the application with its dependencies inside a container Is a standard for Linux Containers A Container is a ...

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Random Walk in Python

set python

1. Introduction This is an article about random walk in python. It’s a process that explains the path which is made of random steps in sequence. A simple example is on the integers number line. Integers start from 0 and each step is either -1 or +1 with a probability of 50%. The complex examples are molecules moving in a ...

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GC Overhead Limit Exceeded

Bipartite Graph

Hello. In this tutorial, we will understand the GC Overhead Limit Exceeded error in the Java programming language. 1. Introduction Out of memory error in java is a virtual machine error thrown by the java virtual machine when the resources are exhausted. In other words, the error prevails when the virtual machine has spent hours performing the garbage collection but has ...

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The fzf command

1. Introduction When working with the command line, mostly every day no matter what operating system you are using, it is useful to have some tools/plugins that will make your work much easier. Tools and plugins, like fzf, are designed to facilitate your work through just a simple command instead of multiple instructions. Statistically using autocomplete will reduce typing by ...

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Google authentication Nodejs and Passport

Hello. In this tutorial, we will understand and implement the google sign-in integration with the nodejs application using passport and passport-google-oauth2 modules. 1. Introduction Passport.js is an authentication middleware designed for Nodejs. passport-local uses the passport strategy for authenticating with a username and password. The module helps to authenticate using a username and password in the nodejs applications. If you ...

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Javalin REST API

1. Introduction This is an in-depth article related to the Javalin REST API. Javalin is a web framework used by Java and Kotlin developers. The framework runs on Jetty Web server. It is similar to koa.js. 2. Javalin 2.1 Prerequisites Java 7 or 8 is required on the linux, windows or mac operating system. Maven 3.6.1 is required for building ...

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Nodejs Nodemailer example

Hello. In this tutorial, we will understand the nodemailer module in a simple nodejs application. We will set up a fake smtp server (e.g. smtp4dev) for localhost development and understand the package implementation. smtp4dev is an open-source service that emulates an smtp email server for email testing and debugging purposes. 1. Introduction Nodemailer is an npm module used for sending ...

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