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How to download 32 bit Java Software for Windows

In this article, we will explain how to download 32 bit Java jre software for Windows. 1. Introduction Java (write once, run anywhere) is a technology developed by Sun Microsystems and acquired by Oracle. Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java Development Kit (JDK), and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) are three essential components of the Java platform that work together. The JVM ...

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How to convert double to int in Java

In this article, we will learn how to convert a double value to an int in Java examples. We will discuss briefly two ways of converting double to integer namely typecasting and rounding and after that will see some example code for that. 1. Difference in conversion with Typecasting and Math.round() 1.1 Typecasting Typecasting is a way to convert one ...

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Spring Boot Server-Sent Events Tutorial Using WebFlux

Welcome, in this tutorial, we will explain the server-sent events in a spring boot application using WebFlux. In this approach, we will use the Reactive SSE where the service returns a Flux of transactions. 1. Introduction Before going further in this Spring Boot Server-Sent Events Tutorial using WebFlux, we will look at the common terminology such as introduction to Spring ...

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JavaScript vs Java: The Most Important Differences

In this article, we will take a look at the most important differences between Javascript vs Java programming languages. 1. Introduction JavaScript was developed by Netscape. It was initially a scripting language for the client-side and later used as a language for both client-side and server-side scripting. Java was developed by James Gosling form Sun Microsystems. JavaScript is used in ...

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Java 14 Switch Expressions

In this article, we will see one of the new features of Java 14 which are the Switch Expressions. Switch Expressions is an evolution of the Switch statement in Java, that was used as a decision code block.  1. Introduction Below, are the subjects that we’ll look in the article: Traditional Switch caseSwitch Expressions in Java 14Using Lambdas We start taking ...

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How to download Java 12 for Windows

In this article, we will see how to download and install java 12 jdk, which is a non-LTS version for a Windows system. 1. Introduction The first version of Java came out in 1996 and since then has become one of the most widely used object-oriented programming languages. The most recent version of Java is 15 with Java 16 in ...

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Java Quartz Get Job Status Example

In this article, we will discuss how to check the status of a Quartz job. Quartz is a richly featured, open-source job scheduling library that can be integrated with any Java application. 1. Introduction Quartz can be used to create simple or complex schedules for executing tens, hundreds, or even tens-of-thousands of jobs; jobs whose tasks are defined as standard ...

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How to download Java 10 for Windows

Albeit you can use Java online, it is better to use it on a local machine. This tutorial is about downloading Java 10 on the Windows machine. 1. Downloading Java Google is your friend! Search for “download Java 10” on Google, and hit the button on the first link. Google Search for downloading Java 10 Or, you can also click ...

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Guide to Features Changes from Java 8 to Java 15

In this article, we provide a guide to features changes from Java 8 to Java 15. Do you ever feel like you’re falling behind everyone else? Well, I’m here to confirm those suspicions, and I’ll throw in a cheeky Bob Dylan quote that I’ve been itching to pull out. You better start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone-Bob Dylan ...

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Connecting to AWS S3 with Python

Hello readers, in this tutorial, we will perform some basic operations in AWS S3 using boto3 in Python programming language. 1. What is AWS S3? AWS Storage Service or simply known as AWS S3 is an online storage facility for the users. It cheap, easy to set up and the user only pays for what they utilize. It offers, To ...

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