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What is JBoss Application Server

In this article, we will explain what is JBoss application server. More specifically, we are going to see the JBoss Wildly admin module which manages the applications deployed on its server. Wildfly server was a JBoss application server during the initial releases. In this article, the JBoss Application server is discussed in detail. 1. Introduction A JBoss WildFly Application Server ...

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SQL Rename Database

In this article, we will explain how to rename a database using SQL. 1. Introduction In this article, we will look at one of the Data Definition Language or data description language (DDL) concepts called Rename the Database. We will see how we do this in the MySQL database. 1.1 What is Data definition language? In SQL, Data definition language ...

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Apache Kafka Basic Operations Tutorial

This is a turorial about the Apache Kafka Basic Operations. 1. Introduction Apache Kafka is a streaming process software platform. In this example, I will show the following basic operations with a Windows computer: How to start/stop serverHow to create and list topicsHow to consume messages from a topic 2. Technologies Used The example commands in this article uses: Apache ...

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SQL Create Table Example

This article focuses on the functionality and usage of the SQL Create Table command. A Relational Database Management System stores data in form of relations. A relation comprises of tuples and attributes. In layman terms, relation means a table comprising of rows and columns. A tuple is a row, whereas an attribute is a column. 1. Pre-requisites You can implement ...

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Spring Boot Version

In this article, we’ll see some information about Java Spring Boot versions and how to build a project using Maven and Gradle. 1. Introduction Spring Boot is one of the most used Java frameworks nowadays. This powerful tool helps developers to quickly implement and deliver an application with the best practices, using a consistent integration between all his libraries and ...

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Spring Batch ClassifierCompositeItemWriter Example

This is an in-depth article related to the Spring Batch Classifier with ClassifierCompositeItemWriter. 1. Introduction Spring Batch is a processing framework designed for the robust execution of jobs. Spring Batch Framework is an open-source library for batch processing. Batch Processing is the execution of a series of jobs. Spring Batch has classes and APIs to read/write resources, job creation, job ...

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SQL SELECT Statement Example

1. Introduction In this article, we will look at one of the most used clauses used in SQL known as SELECT. 1.1 What is SQL? In 1974, Donald Chamberlin and Robert Boyce designed a programming language called SQL or “sequel”. It is based on relational algebra and tuple-relational calculus. So, this is the programming language for designing and maintaining a ...

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How Amazon CloudWatch Works

Welcome, in this tutorial, we will understand AWS CloudWatch and its related terminology. But remember this is going to be a complete theoretical article with no downloadable content. 1. Introduction to AWS CloudWatch Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring tool for AWS resources. It displays the metrics and raises alarms on email or mobile push notification if the metric threshold for ...

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SQL Server Convert function Example

This example will explain the SQL Server Convert function with its syntax and a proper example. SQL Server is relational database management (RDBMS). Microsoft has developed the SQL Server. Many of the Database Management Systems use SQL, and SQL Server is not different. 1. Pre-requisites To run this example, you should have SQL Server downloaded and installed on your local ...

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SQL LIMIT Clause Example

1. Introduction   In this article, we will look at how to use the SQL LIMIT clause using various examples using MySQL RDBMS. 1.1 What is SQL? SQL is also called “sequel” and it stands for Structured Query Language. SQL first appeared in 1974 and Donald Chamberlin and Robert Boyce designed it. It is based upon relational algebra and tuple-relational ...

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