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Simran Koul
Simran has graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Chitkara University. She has undergone a 6-months long comprehensive industrial training at the reputed Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), where she worked on a project including the likes of Java, JSP, Servlets while the UI-UX through the pioneering HTML, CSS and JS. Her inquisitive nature and the seed of curiosity keeps her on the toes to find material to write about. Along with her interests in Software Development, she is an ardent reader and always ready-to-write writer.

What is Java used for

In this article, we are going to explain what is Java used for through examples and definitions. In the world where technology is evolving at an exponential, do you wonder why we are still using Java? This article will explore the nitty-gritty details about Java and Java programmers. 1. What is Java and what is used for Java is a ...

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SQL CASE Statement Example

This example will focus on the SQL Case Statement. In any programming language, you would know that the control statements are the most essential part of the programming language. Just like if-else in any of the programming languages, SQL also has the control statements. 1. About SQL CASE Statement There will be a list of conditions, which can either be ...

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In this article, we will explain SQL INSERT INTO SELECT Statement through examples. You might have used a ‘select’ statement, and the ‘insert into’ statement in SQL separately. The select statement is used to fetch data from the database whereas the ‘insert into’ statement inserts data into the table. In this particular example, we will learn the usage of the ...

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