SQL Server Convert function Example

This example will explain the SQL Server Convert function with its syntax and a proper example.

SQL Server is relational database management (RDBMS). Microsoft has developed the SQL Server. Many of the Database Management Systems use SQL, and SQL Server is not different.

1. Pre-requisites

To run this example, you should have SQL Server downloaded and installed on your local machine.

2. What is the SQL Server Convert function?

In SQL Server, the Convert() converts the data type from one type to another type. If the conversion is successful, then the function returns the converted value. Otherwise, the function will return an error.

3. SQL Server Convert() Syntax

The syntax for the Convert() function is as follows:

CONVERT( datatype(length), expression , style)

Let us now look at the three parameters in detail.

  1. Datatype – It is the data type you want the original data to convert into. This is a required parameter. This can be any value like int, bit, decimal, char, float, numeric, and many others. The length value is not a required parameter. You may or may not include it. Primarily the data types like char, varchar, nchar use it.
  2. Expression – This is the value that you want to convert into the new data type. This is a required argument.
  3. Style – This is also an optional parameter. Style parameter converts the date format or string into a specific format.

4. Example

The example below shows the usage of Convert() to convert the different data types.


SELECT CONVERT(int, 19.22); 
SELECT CONVERT(float, 14.29);
SELECT CONVERT(varchar, 1020);
SELECT CONVERT(varchar(2), 'HELLO');
SELECT CONVERT(datetime, '2020-10-12');
SELECT CONVERT(varchar, '10/02/2020',101);


2020-10-12 00:00:00.000

5. Summary

In this article, we learned about the functionality and usage of the SQL Server Convert function. The Convert() function is used to convert from one data type to another. And, we can do this for several data types. We also implemented the Convert() function using different arguments for different data types.

6. Download the source code

You can download the source code from the link given below.

You can download the full source code of this example here: SQL Server Convert function Example

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