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XPath String functions example

In the previous examples, we talked about how we can query for a particular node(s) and extract the attribute value from a node in an XML Document. In this example, we shall see what ...

Gradle “Hello World” Tutorial

In this post we’ll look at Gradle, its installation and configuration, and how to automate stages of development and release of software through its base concept, the Gradle tasks. 1. ...

XPath starts-with example

In this example we will learn how to use starts-with function of XPath. We will start with the introduction of XPath – what it is and how to use it, then we will see the working ...

XPath get attribute value example

Continuing on our previous example on how to search for a text using XPath, we shall demonstrate how to get an attribute value from an XPath Node. As we already know, the @ attribute ...

XPath contains text example

In this example, we shall study how to search for a particular text using XPath in Java. What is XPath? XPath is a query language used to define/select parts of an XML Document using ...
java-logo Example

The Java Cryptographic services include signature, message digest, cipher, mac and key stores. The MessageDigest class supports message digest algorithms – MD2, MD5,SHA-1, SHA-256,SHA-384 ...
java-logo Example

A Cookie is a small piece of data (such as browsing activity) sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website. In Java 5, an abstract ...

java.lang.ProcessBuilder Example

In this article, we are going to discuss the ProcessBuilder API. But first, lets understand the use of ProcessBuilder. One can guess by its name that it has something to do with building ...

javax.sql.rowset.Joinable Interface Example

The Joinable interface provides methods for getting and setting a match column, which is the basis for forming a SQL JOIN formed by adding RowSet objects to a JoinRowSet object. The ...

org.apache.commons.dbcp2.PoolingConnection Example

In this example, we shall show you how to use PoolingConnection of Apache commons dbcp2 library. DBCP is a part of Apache common components and intended for database connection pooling. PoolingConnection ...
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