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Java HashSet Example

HashSet is a Java class that extends AbstractSet and implements the Set interface. It used to create collections by keeping an internal HashMap, but it does not permit the appearance ...

Java 8 Date/Time API Tutorial

In this article we are going to explain the main features of the new Date/Time API coming with Java 8. We are going to briefly explain why a new Date/Time API is necessary in Java and ...

Java Prime Numbers Example

In this example we are going to talk about prime numbers. Prime numbers are one of the most important subsets of physical numbers. A positive integer p > 1 is a prime if and only ...

Java 8 Stream API Tutorial

Java 8 offers several new functionalities. One of the most important is the new Streams API. Basically, Streams are sequences of elements that support concatenated operations. They ...

Palindrome Program in Java

In this example we are going to see how you can create a simple Java Application to check weather a String is a palindrome. A String is considered a palindrome if it can be similarly ...

Java StringBuffer Example

In this example we are going to present the StringBuffer class, which is contained in the java.lang package. We are going to show some of its most important uses and methods, and explain ...

Java BlockingQueue Example

In this example we will discuss about java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue interface. java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue was added in Java 1.5 along with all the other classes and interfaces ...

Java Comparator Example

In this example we will show how to use java.util.Comparator interface. java.util.Comparator is an interface which is used for sorting objects in Java. The compare(Object o1, Object ...

java.util.Hashtable Example

In this example, we will show the range of functionality provided by the java.util.Hashtable class. Hashtable was part of the original java.util and is a concrete implementation of ...

Java destructor – Why is it missing?

In this article we will explain what a destructor is, why Java is missing one and what alternatives are provided by the language itself. Java is often compared to C++ in terms of being ...
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