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Java Servlet Context Listener Example

In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating a simple example of how to use ServletContextListener to make some global initializations and configurations. We will be using WildFly application server and Eclipse to demonstrate the examples in this post. None database is required to run this example. 1. Introduction ServletContext is a configuration object which is created when application server starts and ...

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JavaFX Input Event Example

This is a JavaFX Input Event example. An input event indicates a user input, for example, clicking the mouse, pressing a key, touching a touch screen, and so forth. JavaFX supports many types of input events. All input event-related classes are in the javafx.scene.input package. The InputEvent class is the superclass of all input event classes. Typically, nodes execute the ...

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JavaFX Event Example

This is a JavaFX Event Example. In general, the term event is used to describe an occurrence of interest. In a GUI application, an event is an occurrence of a user interaction with the application. Clicking the mouse and pressing a key on the keyboard are examples of events in a JavaFX application.               ...

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Android Event Handling Example

Events represents a response to user’s interaction with input controls, such as press of a button or touch of the screen. Android framework places each occurring Event into a queue, which is based on FIFO (first-in first-out) logic. When an Event happens an Event Listener, which is involved with the View object, should be registered. Then, the registered Event Listener ...

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