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9 years of strong experience in software development, test automation, test framework design along with building tools for optimizing testing in IBM & Oracle. I have worked on many time-critical projects and turned many project statuses from Red to Green by inventing new time-saving test approaches and tools consistently because of which I have received Top Contributor rating continuously all 5 years in IBM. Joined Oracle in ATG Product development team, learned many inner workings of it within no time, and quickly started developing critical functionalities. Fixed many long standing product bugs of complex nature. Also contributing to various open source projects in Java Community through Java User Group's Hyderabad Wing. Assistant Organizer of Java User Group Hyderabad and consistent contributor of Open Source projects like JBOSS Forge.

Java Servlet File Upload Example

In this example, we will see how to use servlet to upload a file. We will be just uploading the file to a server folder. As a part of this example, we will create an HTML form that lets us choose a file in your local file system. The file will be uploaded to the server. We will use Eclipse ...

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JDBC Servlet Example

In this example, we will see how to make use of JDBC from a servlet to access database and read data from table. We will use MySQL as the database and MySQL Workbench as the client for database to prepare the data. However this example does not cover installation of MySQL and MySQL Workbench. We will be using Eclipse as ...

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Java Servlet Context Listener Example

In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating a simple example of how to use ServletContextListener to make some global initializations and configurations. We will be using WildFly application server and Eclipse to demonstrate the examples in this post. None database is required to run this example. 1. Introduction ServletContext is a configuration object which is created when application server starts and ...

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Java Servlet Authentication Example

In this example, I will explain how to perform authentication using a servlet running on WildFly application server and Eclipse. We will not be using any database to store user credentials.                 Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Configure WildFly in Eclipse 3. Create New Dynamic Web Project 4. Create Authentication Helper Class 5. Home ...

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