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Android Http Get and Post Example with OkHttp

In this example, we are going to learn how to execute simple Http Get and Post requests from our Android Application. We are going to make use of the OkHTTP 3.0 library, where OkHTTP is an Open Source project designed to be an efficient HTTP client. The usage of this library is very simple and if you are using Gradle ...

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Android Fabric Crashlytics Integration

Twitter has recently released a new software development kit. Its name is Fabric and it provides a set of crash reporting and mobile analytics tools for mobile applications. One of the tools that Fabric offers, is Crashlytics. Crashlytics is a crash reporting service, that can track your Android application crashes and lots of statistical information and analytics. Crashlytics is a ...

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Android ViewPager Example

One of the most popular views in Android is the ViewPager, a view that helps us slide from one “screen” to another like a “slideshow”. Android ViewPager view can be found in many cases, in tutorial or introductory screens, on tab views and galleries. We are going to create an AppCompatActivity, and we are going to add a ViewPager reference ...

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Android RecyclerView Example

For years now, in Android, if you wanted to create an application that uses lists to display data, the most common, choice, would be the ListView solution. However, the Android Lollipop introduces a new and faster way to represent list layouts, with the use of Android RecyclerView. Android RecyclerView is an improved version of Android ListView and has many common ...

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