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Junit Test Timeout Example

In this article, we shall show you the working of JUnit timeout. JUnit provides a very good way of testing your methods against the timeout. In JUnit Test Timeout example, we will show how we can test out methods for timeouts. There are times when we want our methods to execute in a specific time. For example, we want a ...

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JUnit HSQLDB Example

Here is the new JUnit example, but with a difference. In this example we shall show users how they can use JUnit with HSQLDB for testing. In JUnit HSQLDB example, we will try to explain the usage of HSQLDB. Why we are using HSQLDB and not any other DB? We will try to explain the answer to this question in ...

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Slf4j Configuration File Example

In this example, we are going to see how to configure Slf4j with some popular logging frameworks. SLF4J is a facade or an abstraction layer over various logging frameworks. Ok, what does that mean? Also known as Simple logging Facade for Java is not actually a logging implementation, instead, it’s an abstraction layer. It allows you to use any logging ...

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JUnit Report Generation Example

In this example we shall show users how we can generate reports using the Maven and JUnit. JUnit Report Generation example demonstrates the basic usage of the reporting functionality of JUnit tests. As you already know, JUnit is the basic unit test framework for the Java programmers. This example focuses more on generating the report. Let’s start by analyzing the ...

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Selenium Javascriptexecutor Tutorial

1. Introduction Java Script executor is an interface of Selenium WebDriver that has the functionality similar to that of Java Script and can interact with HTML DOM elements. Instead of using driver.findElement method of the Selenium WebDriver we can use JavaScriptExecutor Interface to perform similar action on the Page.               It provides advantages over ...

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JUnit Cucumber Example

In this example we shall show users the usage of Cucumber with JUnit. JUnit Cucumber example will follow a brief introduction about the relation they share and how we can use both with each other. This is a very basic example and users are recommended to test their own scenarios after reading this example. After going through example you will ...

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Grails Hello World Example

1. Introduction This example is about creating the first application in grails and we basically start application or any introduction with a Hello example. So this Hello World program in Grails will be the introduction for starting Grails application. Let’s start with Grails at first. Grails is a web application framework for JAVA platform. Also Grails is highly productive framework ...

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JUnit Hamcrest Example

In this example we shall show users the usage of Hamcrest. Through JUnit Hamcrest Example we will show users what is hamcrest, where it is used, why it is used, when it is used and how to use it on your applications. If you are a regular user of my JUnit series then you are already familiar with the JUnit. ...

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Eclipse IDE Tips and Tricks

1. Introduction Eclipse is one of the most common Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used by Java developers. An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. Before the invention of IDE java develops used to write java code in their favorite text editors (e.g. Notepad), then they used to compile ...

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JUnit Mockito When thenReturn Example

In this example we will show you the usage of JUnit Mockito When thenReturn method. JUnit has many capabilities for testing the unit test cases for Java. But sometimes it lacks some of the common functionalities. Where it lacks and how we can complete, we will be showing in this example. First of all, we have to be aware of ...

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