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Scala HTTP Example

In this Example series, we will see how to work with HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) through a Web Application in Scala using Scalatra and Scalate. The following table shows an overview of the entire article.                 Table of Contents 1. Pre-Requisites 2. Environment 3. HTTP 3.1 What is HTTP 3.2 HTTP Request ...

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Git Delete Remote Branch Example

Let’s say our work with remote branch is complete, or let’s say one of the team was working on a feature which has been completed now and all the changes has already been merged into remote’s master branch. Now that we have no requirement of remote branch, we might want to delete it. In this example we shall learn the ...

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JavaFX Transformation Example

This is a JavaFX Transformation Example. A transformation is a mapping of points in a coordinate space to themselves preserving distances and directions between them. Several types of transformations can be applied to points in a coordinate space. JavaFX supports the following types of transformation: Translation Rotation Shear Scale An instance of the abstract Transform class represents a transformation in ...

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Vaadin Visual Designer Example

Modern rapid application development environments usually have a visual tool to make the UI. The visual tool allows to put the widgets on the application without use code. 1. The tools Java JDK 8 Latest Eclipse Mars Vaadin 7.6.6 Tomcat Server 8 2. Introduction In this example we are going to bind widgets in Vaadin using some common techniques. We ...

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Initializing Mockito with InitMocks

In the Mockito Tutorial for Beginners, we saw a general overview of the use of Mockito framework for Java unit tests. In this example, we will see how we can use the InitMocks initialization method, for an easier but expressive way of creating the mocks, specially useful when we have several dependencies to mock. For this tutorial, we will use: ...

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How to Use Maven For Dependency Management

In this example, we will see how to use Maven for dependency management. Maven is a build manager tool and mostly used in java projects. Maven was built on a central concept of project object model (POM). Maven addresses two steps for any project – first how a project is built and second how the dependencies are described. 1. Environment ...

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Apache Hadoop Hue Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn about Hue. This will be the basic tutorial to start understanding what Hue is and how it can be used in the Hadoop and Big Data Ecosystem. 1. Introduction First of all, let us look into what is Hue? Hue is an open source Web interface for analyzing data with any Apache Hadoop based ...

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MongoDB insert example

The article targets at explaining how to insert the documents into a MongoDB Collection. The examples discussed in this article were developed and executed using MongoDB 3.2.6. And all these examples can be executed from the Mongo shell. Start the MongoDB instance by running ‘mongod’ process and then connect to this MongoDB instance using ‘mongo’ shell. The following table gives ...

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JAVA Swing Form Example

Bipartite Graph

With this example we are going to demonstrate creation of form using JAVA Swing. JAVA provides a huge set of libraries to develop a Graphical User Interface. Swing API is built on top of AWT API and are widely being used instead of AWT API. 1. Introduction There are few terminologies which are required to know before we proceed. Container: ...

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Spring Batch Multithreading Example

Through this article, we are going to show you Spring batch multithreading feature. In an enterprise, when data gets big with more customers, transactions and site hits. Your batch jobs need to be able to keep up. Spring Batch was designed from the ground up to be highly scalable, to fit the needs of both small batch jobs and large ...

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