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Jean-Jay Vester graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, in 2001 and has spent most of his career developing Java backend systems for small to large sized companies both sides of the equator.

He has an abundance of experience and knowledge in many varied Java frameworks and has also acquired some systems knowledge along the way.

Recently he has started developing his JavaScript skill set specifically targeting Angularjs and also bridged that skill to the backend with Nodejs.

Java Servlet XAMPP Tutorial

In this article we will briefly discuss what Xampp (Apache + MariaDB + PHP + Perl) (pronounced “shamp”) is and how to “run” a Java Servlet application from it using linux. I use the word run in the loosest possible sense as the Servlet application will actually be driven from inside Tomcat which will be proxied to from Xampp or ...

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Java Servlet Websocket Example

In this article we illustrate a simple chat program using a Websocket endpoint. The Java API for websocket provides both client and server api’s and can be found in the javax.websocket javax.websocket.server packages accordingly. The example article will do a brief dive into the mechanics of Websockets from a Java perspective and then it will demonstrate some of it’s mechanics via a ...

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Java Servlet Generate Zip File Example

In this article we illustrate how to generate a zip (compressed) file via a GET request to a custom servlet. The servlet will serve said file (configurable via a WebInitParam) to the browser and the browser will then prompt the user with a download prompt to save said file to the file system. The file will be served asynchronously using FileChannels transferTo(...). ...

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Basics of Servlets Tutorial

In this article we will cover the basics of Servlets using Java 8, in a servlet 3.1 compliant container. We will demonstrate some of the basics of servlet usage in a Http context, via a simple web project that combines numerous simple example servlets all accessible via your favorite browser or via postman. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Technologies used ...

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Java 9 JDeps Example

In this article we cover the JDeps tool using Java 9. We will use a simple multi-module maven project and demonstrate some usage scenario’s (filtering and aggregating) of JDeps using said project. We will also make use of an online service to show how we can better visualize reports generated by JDeps. Prior to digging into the usage of JDeps on ...

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Java 9 Reactive Streams Example

Spurred on by an abundance of non-standardized Reactive Stream implementations for the JVM (Akka streams, RxJava) and an increasing need to handle stream related problems in a reactive manner, JEP 266 was augmented with the need for an interoperable publish-subscribe framework that sought to standardize reactive streams solutions for the JVM. This way library implementations now have a standard that ...

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Java 9 Annotations Example

In this article we will cover the topic of annotations by way of some theory and a brief example using Java 9. We will cover what they are, their properties, their purpose and different types. The example code will demonstrate the application of an annotation processor using custom annotations on an interface to automatically generate a stub implementation of said interface. ...

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Java 9 Jigsaw Project Tutorial

In this tutorial we will get a brief introduction to the Java 9 Jigsaw feature by a way of a simple project. This project will demonstrate some of the features of the new module system (Jigsaw) being introduced in Java 9 and how to go about structuring projects in a way that will leverage the features and adhere to the ...

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Java 9 Regular Expressions Example

1. Introduction In this example we will explore the java.util.regex package and the abstractions contained within it that facilitate the usage of regular expressions in Java 9. Even though the common String class exports an assortment of “regex” convenience methods (eg: matches(...) & contains(...)) they are implemented in terms of the java.util.regex package and thus the focus will be on said package and ...

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Java 9 Docker Example

This article will introduce us to compiling and running a Java 9 example program using Docker technology. It will prime us in the origins of Docker technology, the differences with orthodox virtualization techniques, it’s architecture, tooling and use thereof to build, and run a Java 9 program. We will also cover the fundamental Docker commands, more especially those required to accomplish ...

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