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Jean-Jay Vester graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, in 2001 and has spent most of his career, since 2004, developing Java backend based systems for small to large sized companies both sides of the equator. He has an abundance of experience and knowledge in many varied Java frameworks and has also acquired some systems knowledge along the way. Recently he has started developing his JavaScript skill set specifically targeting Angularjs and also bridged that skill to the backend with Nodejs.

Java 9 Default Garbage Collector Tutorial

1. Introduction This tutorial will introduce us to the new default garbage collector implementation for Java 9, the G1 garbage collector. The G1 garbage collector presents a brand new approach to heap layout and semantic behavior. Optimized for large heaps and tailored to address ever increasing demands of low latency and overall throughput, it provides an excellent opportunity to meet ...

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Java 9 HttpClient Example

1. Introduction This example demonstrates the usage of the new Java Http Client bundled with JDK 9. It is bundled as an incubator module in JDK 9 and implements HTTP/2 and WebSocket with backward compatibility still facilitating HTTP/1.1. It provides synchronous and asynchronous API’s and facilitates HTTP/2 over TLS (upgraded from SSL) when supported. The examples will be demonstrated via ...

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Java Nio FileChannel Example

The FileChannel is a Java Nio Channel implementation for working with a file. It facilitates reading, writing, mapping and manipulating a file. The examples in this tutorial will be demonstrated via test cases with no explicit Charset specified when encoding and decoding text from ByteBuffers. 1. Introduction The FileChannel has a rich hierarchy of interfaces extending to it a diverse set of behaviors ...

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Java Nio Iterate Over Files in Directory

This example will demonstrate iterating over the files and directories recursively from a root directory. The example program will utilize some of the Java NIO features. Central to this example are the DirectoryStream, Filter, Path and Paths classes. 1. Introduction Before diving into the example program an understanding of the 4 abstractions listed above: 1.1 DirectoryStream The DirectoryStream interface enables us to ...

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Java Nio HeapByteBuffer Example

This example demonstrates the usage of the Java Nio HeapByteBuffer. The Java Nio HeapByteBuffer is an odd class, one you will never reference directly and for good reason, it’s package private. Although it’s use is almost guaranteed when working with ByteBuffers unless you opt for a DirectByteBuffer (off heap). By virtue of extending ByteBuffer, it also happens to extend Buffer and implement Comparable. 1. ...

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Java Nio Async HTTP Client Example

This article is an example of how to build a simple asynchronous Http client using Java Nio. This example will make use of the httpbin service for much of it’s test cases, which can also be verified via postman or curl. Although the examples work, this is by no means a production ready. The exhaustive Http client implementation was merely an ...

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Java Nio ByteBuffer Example

This article is a tutorial on demonstrating the usage of the Java Nio ByteBuffer. All examples are done in the form of unit tests to easily prove the expectations of the API. 1. Introduction The ByteBuffer class is an abstract class which also happens to extend Buffer and implement Comparable. A Buffer is simply a linear finite sized container for data of a ...

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Java Nio Large File Transfer Tutorial

This article is a tutorial on transferring a large file using Java Nio. It will take shape via two examples demonstrating a simple local file transfer from one location on hard disk to another and then via sockets from one remote location to another remote location. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Technologies used 3. FileChannel 4. Background 5. Program 5.1. ...

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Java Nio Heartbeat Example

This article is a tutorial on implementing a simple Java NIO Heartbeat. This example will take the form of “n” number of “Broadcast” mode processes which will multicast data via UDP to “n” number of “Subscribe” processes that have expressed interest in receiving said traffic. 1. Introduction This article builds on three earlier articles on the subject of Java NIO, ...

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Java Nio Echo Server Tutorial

This article is a tutorial on implementing a simple Java NIO “echo server”. This example will take the form of a rather simple client server application whereby a client or many clients will connect to a running server and post message(s) to the server which will in turn be “echoed” back to the respective clients. 1. Introduction This article builds ...

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