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How to check Java Update

1. Introduction In this article, we will look how we check for a Java update. 2. How do I check for Java updates? Depending on what Java version we have installed, we can check for Java updates. 2.1 Java version 8 and earlier versions: For all versions till Java 8, we have a “Check for Updates” tab in the Java ...

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Python input() method Tutorial

Hello in this tutorial, we will understand input() method in python programming. 1. Introduction Let us understand the input() and raw_input() method. 1.1 input() method The input() method in python programming reads input from the user, evaluates it (i.e. whether the user has entered a string, number, or a list), and returns it. If the input provided by the user ...

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Could Not Find or Load Main Class in Java

In this tutorial, we will explain the error: could not find or load main class, the most common runtime exception in Java programming. The error usually occurs if the java command is unable to find or load the class that contains the main() method. 1. Introduction Before digging deep into the solution let us understand a few reasons for this error ...

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Logical Operators in Java

In this article, we’re going to see the logical operators in Java, which are they, and how to use them through some examples. 1. Introduction As a developer, I see a lot of similar things in a language and logical operators are one of them. Basically, logical operators are used to deciding or validating conditions and return a Boolean to ...

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How to Fix the Java Error Code 1603 in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will take a look at the Java Error Code 1603 in Windows 10. 1. Introduction Java Error Code 1603 happens in Windows when Java is installed on Windows 10 without administration rights. Error 1603 is related to the security policy issues on windows. 2. Java Error Code 1603 In Java, Error code 1603 happens on windows ...

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Python String contains() method Tutorial

Hello in this tutorial, we will understand Python String contains() method. 1. Introduction The contains in python is used to check whether a string contains a substring or not. A substring is the sequence of characters within a string. We will explore the below methods to check if a string contains another string or not. The find() method checks if ...

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Splunk Time Range Search Example

1. Introduction Most data source event contains a timestamp. If the event doesn’t include a timestamp, then Splunk applies a timestamp to the event during the indexing process. It’s very helpful to search event based on a time range. In this example, I will demonstrate several ways to search based on a time range: With build-in time range pickerAdd a ...

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Spring Data JPA Auditing Example

Welcome, in this tutorial, we will see how to implement a Spring data JPA auditing application. We will use the AuditorAware interface to capture the auditing information. Database auditing is a mechanism to keep track and logs of events happening on the records present in a database like who did what and when. 1. Introduction Before going further in this ...

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The New Features in Java 13

In this article, we will see what are the new features available in Java 13. 1. Java 13 – Introduction JDK 13 is the open-source reference implementation of version 13 of the Java SE Platform as specified by JSR 388 in the Java Community Process. Below are some of the main changes done in Java 13. This is not an ...

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Splunk Reports Example

In this article, we are going to explain Splunk Reports through examples. 1. Introduction Splunk is software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data. It provides a web interface to generate reports from the searching results. In this example, I will demonstrate: How to create a reportHow to edit a reportHow to delete a report 2. Technologies Used The example ...

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