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Vipul Kumar
Vipul is a Senior Software Engineer with experience in different software technologies including Java, Javascript, Angular, React, Material Design, databases (MySQL), HTML/CSS and even AWS, Big Data and Machine Learning. He likes learning new technologies and using the latest libraries in his work.

Java Thread sleep Example

In this article we are going to get an in depth understanding of: What is a thread in java?What is the use of sleep() in java thread based execution?Important points to remember while using Thread.sleep().How Thread.sleep() works. 1. What is a thread in Java Lets start with what the thread exactly is and how it is supported in Java. Thread ...

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Java List Example

1. List Interface In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Java List. We are going to go in depth of java.lang.List in java. 2. List in Collection Hierarchy There are four concrete implementation classes in for List interface in java. List interface extends the Collection interface for some common operation to be supported by all implementation classes with ...

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Java Round Number to N Decimal Places Example

In this example, we are going to show how we can round a decimal number in Java. Before going in details let us brief you about what exactly is the rounding a number means. 1. What is rounded Number A rounded number has about the same value as the original number we started with. It is less exact than the ...

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