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Shivakumar Ramannavar
Shivakumar has 16+ years of experience in Java Development, Cloud and also has a lot of passion in Cloud-native Applications and Kubernetes. Shiva has a Bachelor's Degree from Visweswaraiah Technological University, India. Shiva has been involved in the development of IT systems using Java/J2EE, Kubernetes, and has designed tonnes of applications both on-premise and on-cloud. Shiva strongly believes there is a great revolution of cloud-native technologies and that we can create a world of difference through learning, sharing, and caring among the community.

Multidimensional Array Java Example

In this article, we will see what a multidimensional array is in Java, various syntaxes, and how we can use such arrays in real-world examples. 1. Introduction An array is a basic data type that holds multiple values of the same datatype. Each individual value can be accessed using a number based index relative to the first element in the ...

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Timestamp Java Example

In this article we will create a Timestamp Java Example. 1. Introduction In a typical application, there are a lot of events like orders receipt, payment request sent, users logging in, orders shipping to name a few. The events may also be negative such as network failure, invalid user login, product failure so on. To answer questions around such events ...

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Java Implements Keyword Example

1. Introduction This article introduces the implements keyword, the need, and its usages in Java. It starts with a short introduction and explains it with the help of an example. 2. What is the Java Implements keyword Java is an Object-Oriented Programming language. Like any other OOP language, Java supports inheritance, the essential feature for code re-use. Java does not ...

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