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Anmol Deep
Anmol Deep is a senior engineer currently working with a leading identity security company as a Web Developer. He has 8 years of programming experience in Java and related technologies (including functional programming and lambdas) , Python, SpringBoot, Restful architectures, shell scripts, and databases relational(MySQL, H2) and nosql solutions (OrientDB and MongoDB). He is passionate about researching all aspects of software development including technology, design patterns, automation, best practices, methodologies and tools, and love traveling and photography when not coding.

Java Parse String Example

In this example, we shall learn about the different techniques to parse a String in Java. We will be demonstrating the StringTokenizer class, the String.split() method and live code examples to leverage these utilities. 1. Introduction The definition of “parse” in Wiktionary is – “To split a file or other input into pieces of data that can be easily stored ...

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Singly Linked List Java Example

In this example, we shall discuss a Singly Linked List in Java. We’ll also go through some live code demonstrating different operations on a Singly Linked List. 1. What is a Linked List? A Linked List is a linear data structure consisting of a collection of Nodes that are not stored in contiguous but random memory locations. It is a ...

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Copy Constructor Java Example

In this tutorial, we shall discuss the Copy Constructor in Java. In the world of object-oriented programming, a copy constructor is a special type of constructor that takes an object of the same class as an argument and returns a duplicate or a copied instance of the input object initialized with the values of the member variables of the passed ...

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Java Import Keyword Example

In this example, we will learn about the Java import keyword. We will talk about Java packages and their types and what problems an import keyword solves when programming in Java. TipYou may skip the packages section and jump directly to the Import keyword section below. 1. Packages A java package is used to group related types(classes, interfaces, enumerations, and ...

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