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Anmol Deep is a senior engineer currently working with a leading identity security company as a Web Developer. He has 8 years of programming experience in Java and related technologies (including functional programming and lambdas) , Python, SpringBoot, Restful architectures, shell scripts, and databases relational(MySQL, H2) and nosql solutions (OrientDB and MongoDB). He is passionate about researching all aspects of software development including technology, design patterns, automation, best practices, methodologies and tools, and love traveling and photography when not coding.

AWS Launch Configuration Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about launch configurations in Amazon AWS and how to use the AWS EC2 console to create an AWS Launch configuration. 1. Introduction A launch configuration, as the name says, is a template for configuring instances. An Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group uses a launch configuration to launch EC2 instances. These instances are configured in line ...

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AWS Amazon Machine Images (AMI) Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn about Amazon Machine Images, or AWS AMI in short, and its types. First, we’ll see the ways to find an AMI on AWS. Next, we will discuss shared and paid AMIs. Lastly, we’ll demonstrate how to create our own AMI and deregister it when not needed. 1. Introduction An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) contains ...

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Amazon Redshift JDBC Connection Example

Bipartite Graph

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to set up a JDBC connection to an Amazon Redshift cluster. We will also discuss and analyze a coding example where we connect to an Amazon Redshift Cluster via JDBC and perform CRUD operations on a table. 1. What is Amazon Redshift? Amazon Redshift is a fully managed data warehouse service in ...

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Apache Maven Rat Plugin Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn about the Apache Rat tool and the Apache Maven Rat Plugin for Java applications. We will also see how to integrate the plugin into the verify phase of the Maven build lifecycle. Lastly, we will configure the plugin to detect and approve our custom license headers. 1. What is Apache Rat? Apache Rat is ...

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Apache Maven Felix Plugin Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will explore the Apache Maven Felix plugin and see how it can be used to build OSGi bundles. We will talk about OSGi fundamentals followed by developing an example built using the Maven Felix Plugin. Lastly, we will install and run our bundles on the appropriate platform. 1. Introduction Writing the MANIFEST.MF file manually is quite ...

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Jackson vs Gson: A Deep Dive

This is a tutorial about Jackson vs Gson. Specifically, we will do a quick comparison of the libraries Gson and Jackson for serialization of a Java object to its JSON representation and deserialization of JSON string back to an equivalent Java object. We will talk about the benefits of each and see which library to use when. 1. Maven Dependencies ...

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Jackson Bidirectional Relationships

In this example, we will go through the Infinite Recursion (StackOverflowError) problem, when working with Bidirectional Relationships in Jackson model classes. We will also see different techniques to serialize and deserialize such entities. If you are new to Jackson, it is good to go through this primer on ObjectMapper before proceeding with this example. 1. What is a Bidirectional Relationship? ...

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Jackson Exceptions – Problems and Solutions

1. Introduction In this example, we shall go through the most common Jackson API exceptions encountered while working for serialization and deserialization. We will see what caused the exception to be thrown and how to fix it. Let’s dive deep. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. InvalidDefinitionException: No Creators, like default constructor, exist 3. MismatchedInputException: Out of START_ARRAY token 4. ...

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Jackson Annotation Examples

This example is a deep dive into Jackson Annotations. It covers almost all the annotations with code examples. We will learn how to use the existing annotations, create our custom annotations and finally how to completely disable Jackson annotations. If you are new to the Jackson API for JSON serialization and deserialization, check out this article on Introduction to Jackson ...

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Introduction to Jackson ObjectMapper

In this example, we will learn about the ObjectMapper class from Jackson and its capabilities to serialize POJOs(Plain Old Java Objects) into JSON strings and deserialize JSON strings back into Java objects, with some examples. 1. Where To Start? The first step to getting our hands dirty with ObjectMapper and Jackson data binding is to get the libraries and add ...

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