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Java Servlet and JSP Example

In this article we will demonstrate a simple Servlet and JSP example using the maven cargo plugin from the command line. We will also cover, albeit briefly, the functioning of both Servlet and JSP constructs within the Servlet Container in terms of how they are used to satisfy a HTTP request. The sample application will greet you with your name, ...

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Java Servlet Url Parameters Example

Servlets are modules of the Java code that run in a server application to answer the client requests. They are not tied to a specific client-server protocol but are most commonly used with HTTP. The word “Servlet” is often used in the meaning of “HTTP Servlet” . In this tutorial, we will explain how to handle parameters of the Servlet ...

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Apache Tomcat Kali Linux Installation Tutorial

Hello readers! In this tutorial, we will install Tomcat and we will do some basic Tomcat configurations on the Kali Linux System. To complete this tutorial, developers will have to have a normal user with the sudo privileges.                 1. Introduction Apache Tomcat commonly known as Tomcat is an application server that can be used ...

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