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IoC in Spring Example

In this post, we will explain the IoC (Inversion of Control) and how it is applied in Spring. 1. Introduction Inversion of control is an OOP design principle for writing code that is loosely coupled. The objective is to outsource certain responsibilities typically performed by a class to an external entity, such as a framework or container. The result is ...

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Spring @AliasFor Annotation Example

In this example, we will show how to use the @AliasFor annotation in Spring. 1. Introduction Annotations are decorators that provide metadata about classes, methods, parameters or fields. Depending on the annotation, metadata may be processed at compile-time and/or runtime. Examples of annotations include: JUnit annotations (@Test, @Before, @After)JPA annotations (@Entity, @Table, @Id)Spring Framework annotations (@Controller, @Configuration, @Autowired) Meta-annotations are ...

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