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Android RecyclerView Example

For years now, in Android, if you wanted to create an application that uses lists to display data, the most common, choice, would be the ListView solution. However, the Android Lollipop introduces a new and faster way to represent list layouts, with the use of Android RecyclerView. Android RecyclerView is an improved version of Android ListView and has many common ...

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Android Custom Font TextView

In Android Development we do not have the option to use any other custom font in our default TextView in an xml layout file, except from the default Roboto font. And the choices that Android gives us are limited, by letting us set only normal, sans, serif or monospace fonts, which are usually not enough, especially when we want to ...

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Launching new activities with intents

In Android you will frequently come up will a need to launch a new Activity from inside your own Application. This is important when you want your Application to have multiple Activities. It is also very useful when you want to use an existing Activity in your system. New Activities are usually launched using Intents.           ...

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Main Activity UI example

One of the most basic steps you have to take when developing an Android Application is the design and the specifications of the main Activity (and any activity) of your App. Android API gives all the basic tools to make that action fairly easy. The basic layout of an Activity is described in a Layout XML file. In this XML ...

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