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Gradle War Plugin (& Tomcat) Example

In this example, we will learn how to package a WAR File and how to deploy it on Tomcat server, using Gradle War Plugin and Gradle Tomcat Plugin. 1. Introduction to Gradle War Plugin This is a basic Gradle plugin that allows packaging web applications in WAR files. This plugin adds a war task for us that we can invoke ...

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Gradle NetBeans Example

In this example, we will explain how to integrate Gradle with NetBeans IDE and how to perform basic Gradle tasks. 1. Why use Gradle in NetBeans IDE? Gradle is a powerful tool for building and automation. It has many advantages, enabling the development of build scripts that are cross-platform and cross-IDE. You should have no problems migrating your Gradle-based applications ...

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Gradle Wrapper Example

In this example, we will understand how Gradle can be used to build projects even if the developer machine doesn’t have Gradle installed, by using Gradle Wrapper. This is a best practice to unify the Gradle version used by the entire development team. 1. What’s Gradle Wrapper? Gradle Wrapper is a type batch or shell script that downloads and automatically configures ...

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Gradle OSGi Plugin Example: BNDTools Bundle Integration

In this example we will talk about how to integrate OSGi frameworks with Gradle build tool. This work consists in build JAR files and customizing Manifest file through Gradle build Script and Deploying them in a OSGi Container like Apache Felix. 1. Introduction to Gradle and OSGi Integration Gradle is an automatic build tool of more use today, so it’s almost necessary ...

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Gradle SourceSets Example

Gradle SourceSets are a key concept for the Gradle Java Plugin which define the structure of Java Source Files. In this example will see how to use this concept, customize them through gradle properties, create a new sourceset, get documentation and assembling them in a JAR. 1. Introduction to Gradle SourceSets 1.1 What is a Gradle SourceSet ? A SourceSet is ...

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Gradle GWT Integration Example

This example offers a complete tutorial on how to integrate Gradle & GWT. Then, we see how build a GWT project with Gradle and how to run them on a Jetty Server. 1. Introduction to Gradle GWT Integration GWT is the Google’s Toolkit to develop ajax applications using the Java language, these applications like Java EE’s Applications need a server, but, in this case, is a lightweight web ...

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Gradle Properties: Build and Configuration Example

In this detailed Gradle Properties tutorial, we shall see how to access several default properties in Gradle, and how to set our custom properties. Also, what methods are to set these properties and how Gradle processes them. 1. Why should we use Gradle Properties? As developers, we provide high-quality code that is scalable and easy to read; Gradle’s properties allow ...

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Gradle “Hello World” Tutorial

In this post we’ll look at Gradle, its installation and configuration, and how to automate stages of development and release of software through its base concept, the Gradle tasks. 1. What is Gradle ? Gradle is a build and automation tool, that can automate our building, testing, deploying tasks and many more. Gradle is the next generation build system for ...

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