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Java 9 Annotations Example

In this article we will cover the topic of annotations by way of some theory and a brief example using Java 9. We will cover what they are, their properties, their purpose and different types. The example code will demonstrate the application of an annotation processor using custom annotations on an interface to automatically generate a stub implementation of said interface. ...

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Reactive Java (RxJava) Tutorial: Advanced

Reactive Java or RxJava is an implementation and enhancement of the observer pattern. It was intended for use in event driven schemes where nesting synchronous or asynchronous callback methods becomes overly complex. It abstracts some of the more complex tasks associated with asynchronous operations including threading and concurrency. This example builds on the basics described in Part One of this ...

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Apache Ant Java Debug Example

In this example, we will discuss about Apache Ant Java Debug Example. Before we start with this article, it is expected to have knowledge of Java, Apache Ant, and software build and deployment process so that we understand the usage of Apache Ant. For more information about Apache Ant installation and configuration with a basic Java example, please refer to Apache ...

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Java 9 Jigsaw Project Tutorial

In this tutorial we will get a brief introduction to the Java 9 Jigsaw feature by a way of a simple project. This project will demonstrate some of the features of the new module system (Jigsaw) being introduced in Java 9 and how to go about structuring projects in a way that will leverage the features and adhere to the ...

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Apache Ant Java Task Example

In this example , we will be discussing about using Apache Ant with Java. Before we start with our example, it is expected that we have a basic understanding of how software development works with java.  It would also be good if we have an exposure to software build and deployment process to understand the usage and the working of ...

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Java 9 Regular Expressions Example

1. Introduction In this example we will explore the java.util.regex package and the abstractions contained within it that facilitate the usage of regular expressions in Java 9. Even though the common String class exports an assortment of “regex” convenience methods (eg: matches(...) & contains(...)) they are implemented in terms of the java.util.regex package and thus the focus will be on said package and ...

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Java 9 Docker Example

This article will introduce us to compiling and running a Java 9 example program using Docker technology. It will prime us in the origins of Docker technology, the differences with orthodox virtualization techniques, it’s architecture, tooling and use thereof to build, and run a Java 9 program. We will also cover the fundamental Docker commands, more especially those required to accomplish ...

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Java 9 Default Garbage Collector Tutorial

1. Introduction This tutorial will introduce us to the new default garbage collector implementation for Java 9, the G1 garbage collector. The G1 garbage collector presents a brand new approach to heap layout and semantic behavior. Optimized for large heaps and tailored to address ever increasing demands of low latency and overall throughput, it provides an excellent opportunity to meet ...

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Read JSON From a URL Example Using Data Pipeline

I have a problem. I want to read JSON from a URL. Naturally, like anybody else, I googled for some solutions. There were a lot of solutions shared in Stack Overflow and other sites. I tried some of them but I’d like to share the one where I used the Data Pipeline Java library. 1. Tools and Prerequisites Data Pipeline ...

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Java JDBC MSSQL Connection Example

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a Java-based data access technology that defines how a client may access a database. It provides methods for querying and updating the data in a database. The JDBC classes are contained in the Java package i.e. java.sql and javax.sql. 1. Introduction In this article, we will describe how to write the application code to establish ...

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