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Venkat-Raman Nagarajan
Venkat works for a major IT firm in India and has more than a decade of experience working and managing Java projects for a banking client.

Int to char Java Example

This article deals with the int to char Java conversion. We will start with the basics of data types and then we will see the conversion of int to char with some examples. 1. Data types in Java Java is a strong statically typed language. This means that every variable and every expression has a type that is known at ...

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How to Fix Java Error Code 1618

Most of us would have faced the Java Error Code 1618 while installing or updating Java. The issue is commonly noticed during installation of Java versions 7 and 8. The error indicates that another installation is in progress. It may be a java version or any other installation that uses Windows installer. In this article we shall see some possible ...

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