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Santosh_Balgar Sachchidananda
He is a Software Engineer working in an industry-leading organization. He has completed his bachelors from Visweswaraya Technological University. In his career, he has worked in designing and implementing various software systems involving Java/J2EE, Spring/ Spring Boot, React JS, JQuery, Hibernate and related database technologies. He loves to share his knowledge and always look forward to learning and explore new technologies. He loves to spend his free time with his family. He enjoys traveling and loves to play cricket.

Is Java Safe ?

Is Java Safe ? Nearly half of the enterprise applications written in Java in the last 15 years making it the ubiquitous language in the enterprise world. Being so popular means applications written in Java are more prone to security threats. Though Java platform is written giving utmost importance to security, third party libraries and poorly written code make the ...

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Java Primitive Types Tutorial

Primitive types are the most basic data types available in any programming language. Being an object-oriented language Java supports both primitive types and objects as its data types. In this article, we are going to see all the supported Java primitive types. Java is a strongly typed language and every variable should have a type definition. They can be either ...

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Interface vs Abstract Class Java Example

In this post, we feature an Interface vs Abstract Class Java Example. One of the most discussed topics in Java for newbies is the Interface and Abstract class. I will give insights into the Java Interfaces and abstract classes. I will also provide some examples and practical use cases. 1. Introduction Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Inheritance are the basic ingredients of ...

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Math.round Java Example

The Math.round Java – java.lang.math – library contains the static methods to perform basic numeric mathematical operations. Math.round is one such method, which returns the nearest whole number to the argument. In this article, we will dig deeper into this method. 1. What does rounding mean? Rounding is the mathematical process of making the number up or down to the ...

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Java CSV Parsing Example

In this post, we feature a comprehensive Java CSV Parsing Example. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. As Java developers, we frequently see the need to process CSV files. They are the most commonly used file format for the data interchange. CSV is the simple file format that organizes data in a tabular form and each value is delimited by ...

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