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Prasad Saya

Prasad Saya is a software engineer with over ten years’ experience in application development, maintenance, testing and
consulting on various platforms. He is a certified Java and Java EE developer. At present his interest is in developing Java applications. He also has experience working with databases and ERP applications.

JavaFX Animation Example

The Animation class provides the core functionality of all animations used in the JavaFX. This abstract class is defined in javafx.animation package. 1. Overview The following are the main properties of Animation: Cycle count: Defines the number of cycles in this animation. The cycleCount may be INDEFINITE for animations that repeat indefinitely, but must otherwise be > 0. Auto reverse: ...

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JavaFX Scene Example

This is an example of JavaFX Scene class. The Scene class is the base container for all content in a scene graph. This class is defined in the javafx.scene package. 1. Overview The following are the main properties for the scene class: fill: The fill property specifies the background of the scene. The default fill of the Scene is Color.WHITE. ...

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JavaFX FileChooser Example

This article shows examples of JavaFX file choosers. The FileChooser class is defined in the javafx.stage package. 1. Overview A file chooser provides a simple mechanism for the user to choose a file. File choosers provide a GUI for navigating the file system, and then allows either choosing a file, or entering the name of a file to be saved. ...

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JavaFX Dialog Example

This article shows examples of JavaFX 8 dialogs. The Dialog class is defined in the javafx.scene.control package. The Dialog is the base class and it has three specialized subclasses: Alert, ChoiceDialog and TextInputDialog. 1. Overview A Dialog in JavaFX wraps a DialogPane and provides the necessary API to present it to end users. From the API’s javadoc – DialogPane should ...

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JavaFX TableView Example

This is a JavaFX TableView example. This example displays a table view of books with book title and author information. The TableView class is defined in the javafx.scene.control package of JavaFX API. The example uses Java SE 7 and JavaFX 2.2. This article’s example is built in two steps. The first has the functions and features: Table row represents a ...

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Tomcat access log configuration example

This article describes the configuration of the access log for Apache Tomcat 7 web server. A web server has the function to intercept user requests to resources, examine them and log them. This is an activity of web server administration. Tomcat provides components called valves that can be placed in the request-processing stream (intercept user requests) for logging access to ...

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Tomcat tomcat-users.xml configuration example

This article describes the configuration of the tomcat-users.xml file for Apache Tomcat 7 web server. tomcat-users.xml is the default user database for container-managed authentication in Tomcat. 1. Web Application Security Concepts 1.1. Authentication To access a restricted resource on the server, Tomcat challenges a user to produce user details to confirm that they are who they say they are. 1.2. ...

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javax.sql.rowset.Joinable Interface Example

The Joinable interface provides methods for getting and setting a match column, which is the basis for forming a SQL JOIN formed by adding RowSet objects to a JoinRowSet object. The Joinable is defined in the javax.sql.rowset package. An instance of a class that implements Joinable can be added to a JoinRowSet object to allow an SQL JOIN relationship to ...

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java.nio.channels.spi.SelectorProvider Example

SelectorProvider is an abstract class defined in the java.nio.channels.spi package. This is a central service-provider class for selectors and selectable channels defined in the java.nio.channels API. A selector provider is a concrete subclass of this class that has a zero-argument constructor and implements the abstract factory methods of this class that return open channels and selector objects. A Java virtual ...

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javax.sql.RowSetMetaData Example

RowSetMetaData is an object that contains information about the columns in a RowSet object. Some of these column properties are column’s table name, type, count, label, name, size, is nullable, is read only and so on. This interface is an extension of the ResultSetMetaData interface with methods for setting the values in a RowSetMetaData object. The corresponding getter methods are ...

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