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Petros Koulianos
Petros studied Computer Science in Hellenic Open University . He is an experienced administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the health information technology systems and health services industry. Skilled in Oracle Databases, HL7 Standards, Health Information Systems (HIS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) . In his free time designs and develop apps in Java , Android and node.js .

Java Max Int Example

In this article, we will implement a Java example to see how we can get the int (integer) max value in a program. 1. Introduction Int is one of the most popular primitive data types of java and we use it almost everywhere. This article explains technical specs about max int. 2. Java Max Int According to java, int data type is 32-bit signed ...

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Java Modulus Example

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about Java Modulus. 1. Introduction This article will show the usage of the modulo operation that computes the remainder after division of 2 numbers. Java use a specific arithmetic operator the Remainder Operator with the symbol %. 2. Java Modulus – Use Cases In this section we show same useful use cases ...

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Static Variable Java Example

1. Introduction This is a static variable Java Example. Static variables are declared with the static word before the type of variable. The main difference among regular variables is that static variables are not bounded by any object instances, and are shared among all instances. static datatype Variable //static variable example static int count = 0; 2. Simple Static Variable ...

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