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The author is a professional with experience in development projects ranging from Java to Mainframes and loves exploring new technologies and in keeping her knowledge on par with the trend.

Java Object Tutorial

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on the Java Object class, which is the parent class of all the classes. The article and the examples used are based on JDK 8. You can also check the Java Classes and Objects Tutorial in the following video: Java Classes and Objects Tutorial – video Table Of Contents 1.Introduction 2.Parts of ...

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Creating and Starting Java Threads

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Creating and Starting Java Threads. 1. Introduction This article aims at a simplified understanding of creating and starting threads via an example-based approach. The examples and code samples are based on JDK 8. Table Of Contents 1.Introduction 2.Threads 3.Simple Threads 3.1.Extends Thread 3.2.Implement Runnable 4.Executors 5.Callable & Future 6.FutureTask 7.CompletableFuture 7.1.CompletableFuture ...

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Java Set to List Example

This article is about a Java Set To List Example. Here, we introduce Set & List interfaces and demonstrate a few examples on how implementations of Set in Java can be converted to List in JDK 8. 1. Introduction Java Collection Framework – Interfaces Java Collections Framework provides data structures to store and manipulate a group of Objects. The group ...

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