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10 Tips for Writing Good Unit Tests

In this article, we provide 10 Tips for Writing Good Unit Tests. Testing is a very important aspect of software development and largely determines the fate of an application. Adequate testing helps to identify potential issues early during the development lifecycle. The cost of finding and fixing a bug is higher as we move across the phases from design till ...

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Spring Boot Unit Testing Example

1. Introduction This is an in-depth article related to the Spring Boot Unit Testing. Spring Boot framework has features to build applications. Spring Boot has features related to unit testing the application. The framework has utilities and annotations to perform unit testing. Modules for the Test support are spring-boot-test and spring-boot-test-autoconfigure  which supports auto-configuration for tests. 2. Spring Boot Unit Testing ...

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Selenium NodeJS Example

This article explores using Selenium in node environment to automate testing. This covers running selenium inside local machine to utilize chrome browser 1. Introduction Selenium is used to automate browsers. Selenium WebDriver has found its place in test automation for web applications. It is used to create robust, browser-based regression automation suites and tests. It can be used for end ...

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Docker Test Example

1. Introduction Continuous integration and continuous deployment has become one of the most common use cases of Docker early adopters. CI/CD merges development with testing, allowing developers to build code collaboratively, submit the master branch, and check for issues. This allows developers to not only build their code, but also test their code in any environment type and as often ...

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