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Vikas Kumar
Vikas has graduated from Information Technology Department in NIT Kurukshetra. He has expertise in full-text search and works as a search engineer.

Docker Test Example

1. Introduction Continuous integration and continuous deployment has become one of the most common use cases of Docker early adopters. CI/CD merges development with testing, allowing developers to build code collaboratively, submit the master branch, and check for issues. This allows developers to not only build their code, but also test their code in any environment type and as often ...

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Docker Tutorial for Java Developers

1. Introduction So in this article, we will explain what is Docker and why do we use Docker. Going further we will learn some concepts of Docker and later, we will see how to create Dockerfile. We will then create Docker Image from Dockerfile. And finally, we will see how to run Docker images in the container using java code. ...

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