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Spring MVC Redirect Example

Spring MVC is one of the most important modules of the Spring framework. In this example, we will show how to write a simple Spring based web application which makes use of redirect to transfer an HTTP request to another page.                 1. Introduction 1.1 Spring Framework Spring is an open-source framework created ...

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Spring MVC Architecture Overview Example

In this example, we will build a Hello World web application using the Java Spring MVC framework. Java Spring MVC is one of the most important modules of the Spring framework. It builds on the powerful Spring Inversion of Control (IoC) container and makes extensive use of the container features to simplify its configuration. 1. Introduction 1.1 Spring Framework Spring ...

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Spring MVC 3.0 Tutorial

Spring MVC (Model-View-Controller) is the web component of Spring framework, which provides a great functionality for building web Applications. Following the basic tenet of Spring framework “convention over configuration“, the Spring MVC Framework is designed in such a way that every piece of logic and functionality is highly configurable. Spring is not tightly coupled with Servlet or JSP technology paradigms ...

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Spring Framework Angularjs Integration Tutorial

Spring Application Framework enables us develop RESTful services using its Web MVC subsystem, and we can consume those services via any of the client side front end UI technologies, e.g Angular, Backbone or React JS. In this example, I will explain how a CRUD like scenario can be developed using Spring MVC at the back side, and Angular JS in ...

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20 Spring Framework Best Practices

Spring Application Framework has been in action for quite a long time, and programmers have developed several conventions, usage patterns, and idioms during that time period. In this example, we will try to explain some of them and give examples to illustrate how to apply them in your projects. Let’s begin. Table Of Contents 1. Define singleton beans with names ...

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Spring MVC Hibernate Tutorial

1. Introduction To develop web applications these days, we use Modern View Controller architecture. Spring provides MVC framework with ready components that can be used to develop flexible and loosely coupled web applications. MVC framework provides separation between input logic, business logic and UI logic. Model encapsulates the application data View is responsible for rendering the model data Controller is ...

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Real-time Applications with AngularJS and Java – Part 2

Bipartite Graph

1. Introduction As the title of this article implies, this is the second part of how to create a real-time application using AngularJS and Java. The first part showed how to automatically refresh a page content using the periodic refresh AJAX design pattern. Here, I will show and explain the concept behind long polling. If you have not, I would suggest that ...

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