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Nodejs Nodemailer example

Hello. In this tutorial, we will understand the nodemailer module in a simple nodejs application. We will set up a fake smtp server (e.g. smtp4dev) for localhost development and understand the package implementation. smtp4dev is an open-source service that emulates an smtp email server for email testing and debugging purposes. 1. Introduction Nodemailer is an npm module used for sending ...

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Log4j Email Configuration Example

It is always better to get notified about any major exceptions that occur in an application instead of manually going through huge logs to find the probable exception messages. In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement an out of box Log4j appender (called as SMTPAppender) to send email alerts. 1. Introduction Printing messages to the console is ...

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Spring E-Mail Support – GMail SMTP Server Example

This is an example of Spring E-mail support via the Gmail SMTP Server. The Spring Framework provides a utility library for sending emails. The org.springframework.mail package contains all classes that provide the basic email support of the Spring Framework. Here we use its basic interface for sending emails, that is the MailSender interface. We are also making use of the ...

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