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JUnit Selenium Grid Example

1. Introduction In this example, we will explore the functionality of Selenium Grid and we will understand it’s significance. We will create a Page Object and then we will access that page object from test cases using JUnit. The example will cover the gmail login where we will be invoking the url in node and hub using test cases in ...

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Selenium Javascriptexecutor Tutorial

1. Introduction Java Script executor is an interface of Selenium WebDriver that has the functionality similar to that of Java Script and can interact with HTML DOM elements. Instead of using driver.findElement method of the Selenium WebDriver we can use JavaScriptExecutor Interface to perform similar action on the Page. It provides advantages over FindElement method while handling tricky XPath as ...

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Selenium Grid Docker Tutorial

1. Introduction In this example set, we will be exploring the functionality of selenium grid on Docker container. We will be deploying the hub and nodes of Selenium Grid on the Docker container and will be linking together so that we could run test cases on the docker container. Environment of the Project: 1. Selenium Grid 3.0.1 2. Maven 4.0 3. TestNG ...

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Selenium Expected Condition Example

In this example set, I will be covering how the Selenium Excepted Conditions works. Before diving into use of ExpectedConditions in Selenium we must understand why do we need it. By default, Selenium doesn’t wait for elements once the page gets loaded. Thus, if the element is not present, then Selenium will throw NoSuchElement Exception. To overcome this, we need ...

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Selenium Chromedriver Tutorial

 1. Introduction In this example set, we will be exhibiting the concept of Data Driven Testing (DDT) by passing multiple sets of data using Apache POI and Web driver interface of Chrome Driver and thus testing them on the Facebook URL. In this tutorial, we will be passing multiple sets of username and password from spreadsheet “Testdata.xls” to Facebook URL. ...

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Using XPath in Selenium Example

In this example we will learn how to use XPath in Selenium. We will start with the introduction of Selenium and XPath – what it is and how to use it, then we will see the working model of how to use XPath in Selenium tests. Tools and technologies used in this example are Java 1.7, Maven, Intellij, Selenium 2, ...

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