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Play! Framework Json Example

As we’ve seen in our previous example, Play! is a powerful web mvc framework. Among other stuff, Play has support for rest clients (in its WS package), web sockets, and our subject today: json. In this example, we’ll see how to write a Restful Web Service with Play! Framework with both scala and java languages using java 1.8.0_66, scala 2.11.6 ...

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Spring Data MongoDB REST Example

In this tutorial, I will show you how to develop a RESTful web application by using Spring and MongoDB without implementing boring uniform controllers. 1. Introduction When it comes to RESTful application, we need an api that mainly handles CRUD operations. Let me give you example to clearify what I mean by sentence above. Let say that, you have a ...

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Spring rest template example

Continuing on our Spring Tutorials, we will try to demonstrate the use of RestTemplate class available in Spring Framework. The RestTemplate class is the central class in Spring Framework for the synchronous calls by the client to access a REST web-service. This class provides the functionality for consuming the REST Services in a easy and graceful manner. When using the ...

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Creating JAX-RS web service using Jersey Example

Introduction Jersey as it states in the website, is more than just a reference implementation. It also has it’s own API that extends the specification toolkit with additional wrapped features and utilities to simplify RESTful service and client development. It also exposes numerous extension SPIs so that developers may extend Jersey to best suit their needs. For this post, we’re ...

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Spring 4 REST Hello World Example

In this example we shall show you how to create a simple application to make Rest calls, using the Spring Web MVC framework. Spring Web model-view-controller (MVC) is a Spring support framework for web-based presentation tiers. It provides a model-view-controller architecture and ready components that can be used to develop flexible and loosely coupled web applications. On a previous Spring ...

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Jersey Hello World Example

In this example we are going to get started with Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS), a set of APIs to developer REST services. JAX-RS is part of the Java EE.  REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is a simple stateless architecture that generally runs over HTTP. REST-style architectures conventionally consist of clients and servers. Clients initiate requests to servers; servers process ...

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