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Sebastian is a full stack programmer, who has strong experience in Java and Scala enterprise web applications. He is currently studying Computers Science in UBA (University of Buenos Aires) and working a full time job at a .com company as a Semi-Senior developer, involving architectural design, implementation and monitoring. He also worked in automating processes (such as data base backups, building, deploying and monitoring applications).

Play! Framework Security Example

Today, security has become a priority in most web applications. Even giant enterprises have security issues that are found from time to time. The first barrier to avoid this issues is a login page to avoid people from seeing information they are not meant to see. Also, there are headers that mitigate security issues and provide an extra level of ...

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Play! Framework Session Example

Today, on most web applications, there is data we need to be sent across multiple http requests while the user has a browser tab open. A lot of different approaches were made, such as cookies and headers forwarding. To solve this problem, play applications now have a powerful tool: Sessions and Flash scope. Imagine you need to track what a ...

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Play! Framework Logging Example

Logging is a really important feature every application must have. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to know what your application is doing, how long does it take it, if it is failing, and if it is, why. With this in mind, play added logging support to it’s framework, using logback as logging implementation, and giving access to it through the ...

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Play! Framework Json Example

As we’ve seen in our previous example, Play! is a powerful web mvc framework. Among other stuff, Play has support for rest clients (in its WS package), web sockets, and our subject today: json. In this example, we’ll see how to write a Restful Web Service with Play! Framework with both scala and java languages using java 1.8.0_66, scala 2.11.6 ...

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Play! Framework tutorial for beginners

Play is a Web Framework for Scala and Java and it is a really powerful and complete one. It provides an easy way of building web servers, running on an embedded jetty, and even rest clients with its WS library. In this example, we are going to get a Play Application running. We’ll see how to create it from scratch ...

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