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Apache Maven Felix Plugin Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will explore the Apache Maven Felix plugin and see how it can be used to build OSGi bundles. We will talk about OSGi fundamentals followed by developing an example built using the Maven Felix Plugin. Lastly, we will install and run our bundles on the appropriate platform. 1. Introduction Writing the MANIFEST.MF file manually is quite ...

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Vaadin OSGI Example

OSGI: Open Services Gateway initiative, is an open standards organization that make the OSGi specification that describe a modular system and a service platform for Java, OSGi components comes in the forms of bundles for deployment, can be remotely installed, started, stopped, updated, and uninstalled without requiring a reboot, in this example I am going to create a Vaadin OSGi ...

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Jetty OSGi Example

The OSGi specification defines a modularization and component model for Java applications. Jetty leverages OSGi support providing an infrastructure that enables developers to deploy Jetty and web applications inside an OSGi container. One can deploy traditional Java Web Applications or Context Handlers on Jetty within the OSGi container; in addition to this, OSGi bundles can be deployed as web applications. ...

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