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Introduction to Jackson ObjectMapper

In this example, we will learn about the ObjectMapper class from Jackson and its capabilities to serialize POJOs(Plain Old Java Objects) into JSON strings and deserialize JSON strings back into Java objects, with some examples. 1. Where To Start? The first step to getting our hands dirty with ObjectMapper and Jackson data binding is to get the libraries and add ...

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Enable Pretty Print JSON Output using Jackson example

As you might have noticed in the previous JSON tutorials, the output of the programs is not properly aligned, which makes it hard to read. For this demonstration we are going to use the Student class from this example.             Student.java: package com.javacodegeeks.java.core; public class Student { private int id; private String firstName; private String ...

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Jackson Tree Model example

In this example we are going to see how to use Jackson Tree Model. This model is very similar in many ways with the DOM representation. We are going to see how to create the tree model and update the JSON object with new values.                   Here is the file we are ...

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Convert Java Object To / From JSON using Jackson example

In this example we are going to see how to conver a Java Object to JSON representation using Jackson. Jackson in a high performance JSON parser and processor java project. 1. Jackson Library The complete Jackson library consists of 6 jar files that are used for many diffident operation. In this example we are going to need just one, mapper-asl.jar. ...

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