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SQL vs NoSQL Databases

In this article, we will explain the differences between SQL vs NoSQL Databases. 1. Introduction We will check the relational (SQL) and non-relational (NoSQL) data structures. While both are viable options, there are key differences between the two that users must keep in mind when making a decision. 2. Differences between SQL and NoSQL 2.1 Database Architecture At the most ...

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Hadoop Hbase Maven Example

In this article, we will learn about using Maven for including Hbase in your Apache Hadoop related applications and how Maven makes it easy to write the Java Hbase applications with the repositories.                     1. Introduction Hbase is the NoSql database available in the Hadoop Ecosystem. Like rest of the Hadoop ...

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MongoDB insert example

The article targets at explaining how to insert the documents into a MongoDB Collection. The examples discussed in this article were developed and executed using MongoDB 3.2.6. And all these examples can be executed from the Mongo shell. Start the MongoDB instance by running ‘mongod’ process and then connect to this MongoDB instance using ‘mongo’ shell. The following table gives ...

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